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Beloved Family of Light,

Update from Victoria:

Tremendous changes and energies are upon us and I am sure you are all feeling this,
as I am...the doorway is a blink of an eye away. My dreams have been indicating
traveling back and forth to the 2nd Earth, getting everything ready for our arrival.
Many of you may be having special dreams and visions as well.

As sure as I breathe, I know that many of us who have contracted to step into that world, could do so by the Summer Solstice. In Pagosa Springs, we have been having swirling high winds for 48 hours straight, which can drive you a bit crazy. It leads me to believe that Our Mother Earth - which actually IS a getting very ready to MERGE WITH the 2nd Earth.

Our foggy brains are functioning more in the other world waiting for us, so PLEASE REMEMBER not be too hard on yourselves if you feel you are not functioning the way you use to. The mutation in the body IS really speeding us and can be quite painful at times.

Some of you were not able to get the link to work on my last blog...(FROM ST. GERMAINE) PLEASE try it again. IT IS A VERY LONG LINK AND CANNOT BE SEPARATED.

I shall write again this week.
My blessings to all,

I wanted to share with you Mahala's recent Planet Alert as it is very helpful
and valid for us now. Sending my thanks and love to Mahala for her great astrology and wisdom!

Planet Alert Newsletter
June 2011

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How have you been handling the intense energy that has been coming to Earth lately? Are you spaced out? Are you sleeping a lot? I heard the rapture was going to happen on May 21, 2011, although I didn’t see anyone leave the Earth plane on that day. The man who predicted this event had his date right, but things didn’t manifest like he thought they would.

What happened is that a huge beam of light hit the Earth from our Central Sun Alcyone. This occurred just after midnight on May 20, 2011 PDT. Alcyone is located in the Pleiadean system and corresponds to 29 degrees Taurus. Because the beam came in just after midnight, the date is technically May 21. Our Sun was located on 29 degrees Taurus until 2:21 AM on May 21.Then our Sun entered Gemini. This beam of light was a major event and set the energy in motion to bring heaven to Earth. On May 20th we also started the third day in Carl Calleman’s interpretation of the ninth wave.

The Earth first crossed the galactic plane in May of 1998. Did you know that? It has taken 13 years to get to the end of that galactic plane, which happened on May 21, 2011. The Mayan Calendar is based on the numbers 13/20. This means we reached the end of a 13 year cycle on May 21, 2011 when Alcyone sent us that beam of light. The Mayan calendar is based on the star system of the Pleiades and the planet Venus.

Our Central Sun Alcyone lines up with the Pacific Northwest, from Vancouver Island to Northern California. I think that those of us who live in this area felt the energy the most because it was a direct hit. It really knocked me out. I was totally out of it for several days. I have now integrated this energy and am able to write this article.

A few days ago I was impressed to reread a book I have by Jose Arguelles called The Arcturus Probe which was written way back in 2006. I knew I was reading that book for a reason and when I read the part about A Round Table of The Blue Galactic Shield of Magic, I knew it was important. It says in that book “A round table of the Blue Galactic Order of the Shield of Magic is hardly an ordinary event, even by Arcturian standards. This gathering was called by Memnosis. Its purpose was to cast a Dreamspell Oracle regarding the next mission of the Arturus Probe.”

“Within the fourth dimensional dome of the central stellar radion satellite midway between Arcturus and the Shining Anchor, the electric bodies gathered. Already among the gathered beings were a select few of Aldebarans, the elite force of the Dragonslayers. With glances of profound but silent recognition, we placed ourselves among the Dragonslayers. The festivities were on.”

“Then from the caldron, the radion-saturated core of the satellite, came the oracular voice. ‘You seek to know your next mission to know where you come from.’ If you know where you come from, then a shield showing where you come from is all you need. The mission will present itself.”

“Memnosis, who cast the oracle, who spoke its truth, drew the rune. Lamat, the star, was the rune. The four pointed star of elegance, surrounded again by four circles in perfect balance with each other and the four points of the star. Four points, four circles, an index of eight reminders. Eight is the code number for the octave which is the galactic harmonic of Universal mind."

Well, guess what? The glyph for May 21st was Lamat, the Star. The cycle of thinking with your mind just ended, and the cycle of thinking with your heart begins. Eight is also the number of the Goddess. The Star glyph is in the form of a diamond, and is the new diamond heart energy. Please check out and then click on Diamond Heart Energy Activations-meditation. It’s time to activate your diamond heart. A crop circle appeared in England in August of 2006 which was the Star glyph.

There has been a time-war played out in our solar system. Some Beings from Saturn and Jupiter stole time and created an artificial matrix. We used to have a 13/20 system and they brought it down to a 12/60 system which cast us into the third dimension.

Beings from Jupiter destroyed the planet Maldek, which threw our solar system out of balance. The Arturians thought they could reformulate this lost chord and integrate it as the perfect fifth chord. In essence this was the task that lay before them. Apparently Maldek was in the constellation of Leo (which rules the heart) when it was destroyed. Beings from the other side have been working on healing that chord for a long time. It’s my understanding that they have been successful in restoring this lost cord, or replaced it with a new one, and now is the time for it to be sounded so the Universe can be in perfect balance again. The new chord is the sound of love.

This book also says that at the right time a 10 day time tunnel to Arcturus would be opened when the Mayan signature was on the glyph of the Worldbridger. This glyph was in effect on May 19, 2011 when the time tunnel opened. This is also the time tunnel that will bring Heaven to Earth. We are there. We are ascending. This is the dividing point between the people who think with their heart, and the people who are self- servers. The people who think with their heart will be able to walk through fire without getting burned. Those who think with their minds will have to go through more tribulation until the Mayan calendar ends on October 28, 2011.

Because the Mayan glyph was the Worldbridger when the time tunnel opened and this glyph rules the heart, my heart chakra started hurting on May 19th and it hurt all the way through the tunnel. We came out of this time tunnel on Saturday May 28th midnight. Now we have three days until the new moon solar eclipse of June 1, 2011 which will start a new cycle and is Ascension Day this year, according to my calendar. Please check out the Sun is starting to act up.

There will be a gathering of light workers on Vancouver Island on May 30-31st. They are going to tone a new tone at their gathering. You might want to join them in the toning if you read this article before it happens. Vancouver Island is the acupuncture point for the grid of the Pacific Northwest. This will activate the energy that came from the Central Sun Alcyone on May 21st. The tone of AH or HA adds up to nine, which is the frequency of the word love.

I have asked different people if they would tone, or do a ceremony on Monday, May 30 to tune into that energy and ground it in their area. The moon will conjunct Mars, which is in Taurus, on May 30th at 10:43 AM PDT and the moon will conjunct Alcyone on May 31 at 2:56 PM PDT. Anytime during those two days would be good to connect and ground that energy into the Earth, especially during the moon Alcyone conjunction. The pyramids in Egypt are in direct alignment with the Stargate in Tukwila and that is where I will be to ground this energy.

This is a major opening of high frequency energy. We just came through the time tunnel leading to abundance and the New Earth. We need to work together in peace and harmony to create this New Earth, which will be one of joy and happiness. This is the year of unity consciousness. Lets cooperate and become shining Beings of light and love. We are the ones we have been waiting for. So Be It!

I send you my love. *****Mahala Gayle*****


I will write another article in a couple of days talking about the eclipses. I wanted to get this article out right away so people can participate in this energy event if they so choose.
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