Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transmissions of Protection

Dearest Family of Light

The fires and nuclear waste that could be released in the atmosphere from New Mexico is a great threat to many...the smoke came into our area of Pagosa Springs, CO, and was so strong you could taste, smell, the burning toxins. As many of you know, I have some respiratory issues, so it was necessary for me to leave the area for a week or two just I could be breathing better.

I am on my way to SLC, Utah now to see my family and will be trying to keep you up to date on the developments as I receive the information.

The Brotherhood of Light have been transmitting to me and we have been working on this at night when I sleep. They are saying this: they are on STAND BY AND HAVE ALREADY BEEN TELEPORTING SOME PEOPLE FROM THE CASTROPHY AREAS...WHICH WE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT THOSE UNTIL WE MOVE INTO THE 2ND EARTH.

Possibilities to contemplate:

1.Yes, we will wake up one of these days into the New Reality...even if we have needed to be teleported (from a danger area) to the Mothership prior to arriving on the 2nd earth…

2. The fact that the ships appeared so close to many of us in Pagosa Springs on June 16 and 17, and the behavior that they displayed, REPRESENTED TELEPORTATION.

As I have reflected upon the footage which I viewed for at least 40 hours, trying to get it transferred to youtube with my computer crashing numerous times, I realize they were demonstrating the action of teleportation with their movement of swooping down to the ground and the up to sky and did this continuously.

3. To those in Pagosa Springs, I say, yes, you are in a bubble of protection,
but in the event circumstances from the fire change, you will be lifted up.

This information applies to all areas. For many years I have been stating we
may have to be relocated if our area becomes too dangerous.

The important key is staying in your internal Peace, Knowing, and remember that
your higher self is guiding you in your destiny. Therefore, the positive thoughts
and feelings are such powerful tools in this process.

In my lyrics of Song of the Future, it says: "As that blue light comes right down,
lifting us into the sound of light...Remember the blue light"

I have posted the photo taken at Lake Powell in 1994 when the ships were circling me on the mountain top. Trust and know that you are being watched over by the Brotherhood of Light Vehicles. Your part is to stay in that I AM Presence. LISTEN WITH YOU..YOU WILL BE GUIDED REGARDING HOW YOU RESPOND IN PREPAREDNESS...YOU ARE PROTECTED.

This is brief, as I must start driving again towards SLC.

Be Strong.

My love and prayers to All.

Victoria Liljenquist

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