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Blog from Victoria Liljenquist - Nov. 6, 2011 - "LOVE REBORN" REMEMBERING OUR JOURNEY - Sharing from our Sister Kristen!

Dear Beloved Family of Light,

Today, November 6, 2011, I wish to share a very beautiful and profound message from my dearest friend and Sister of the Stars, Kristen Lau. This writing (below my message) entitled: "LOVE REBORN was inspired and written by Kristen in 2007. As you read this, you will feel as I do the inner wisdom and love which is so appropriate to what we are all experiencing now.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to Kristen this day, as she is assisting her father in his 90's…to CROSS OVER. The most amazing experience has transpired as Kristen had thought her Father, Joe, would have passed several weeks ago, but instead SPIRIT has utilized his body and his voice as a MOUTH PIECE FROM FATHER IN HEAVEN AND THE MASTERS.

As Joe has vacillated between this dimension and the world he is traveling to…for the last 3 weeks, tremendous wisdom has passed from his lips. One moment in trauma, and then the next moment, speaking the message from the Masters regarding this powerful time as we ALL PREPARE TO PASS THROUGH THE DOORWAY OF TIME AND SPACE.

Joseph (Joe), has been a scientist his entire life working on very important projects, and this kind of SPIRITUAL VERBAGE IS NOT TYPICAL TO COME FORTH FROM HIM. This is what moves us so much about this special time of his transition.

When any of us are ready to step over, we can see the GRAND PICTURE OF BOTH SIDES OF THIS LIFE AND ETERNITY. I too, EXPERIENCED THIS ALSO WHEN I HAD MY NEAR DEATH in 1981 which has given a clear vision of Peace of that World.

TODAY….WE feel Joe will make his transition and send him with love and celebration to unite with his wife, daughter and son who await to greet him for his next journey.

Many of us are "saying good bye to loved ones" and it is only for a while as soon we will be SHINING IN OUR LIGHT BODIES OF OUR ETERNAL JOURNEY INTO THAT NEW DAY DAWNING to walk upon our NEW EARTH.

So I send to you all my love and continued faith that All is Well as we stay in the moment to moment awareness, tasting every sweetness of this life, holding our friends, loved ones, and pets and celebrating our lessons learned.

Below you can read and be fed spiritually by this incredible writing by Kristen Lau. I know it will touch you as it has touched me.

Blessings of Heaven on Earth!

Victoria Liljenquist
Victoria Liljenquist, Contactee, Angel Ambassador, Healer, Therapist.
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Love Reborn
by Kristen Lau

In the beginning we were One with All That Is... As the Light of I AM was compressed and lowered in frequency, matter was created ~ The Grand Experiment of Life through the Infinite Light of which we originated from. As we lowered into matter created from Light, to experience Self in the creation of form, always contained within the Grand Design were the Codes of Creation once activated would awaken us from the Dream of Forgetting, the Dream of Separation. Contained within the experience of separation and forgetting is the opportunity to Re-member back into the One. This experience is at the heart and core of why we chose to come. For there is no story ever lived, no story ever imagined that equals the e-motion, the experience in matter of this Re-membering. This Act of Re-membering in matter collapses all matter, all experiences, all emotions into a crescendo of Light that explodes beyond The Big Bang of Creation, that explodes beyond the feeling of the most intense orgasm ever experienced, that carries us back into the Light from which we were born. Like a computer circuit board, the on and off switches are blinking on and off with a speed that is approaching the speed of light to create linkages beyond what was once thought possible, all a result of the circuitry of light/energy in matter now available and changing at a quantum virtual reality becomes as real as life's tangible experiences. Yet that which we believe is solid, tangible, moving at speeds that defy even time are but glaciers moving at a snails pace, frozen images in time all created from the illusion of Light mirroring upon the landscape of life. Yet if we position ourselves in front of the mirror and look carefully we will see not the illusion of self in time, space and matter reflected back, but the sparkle of Light that holds the illusion in place. Within this sparkle of Light are all the rays of the rainbow arcing back through the black holes of creation to that which originated the Light that holds matter, time and space beyond what the mind can conceive. Only the heart can feel what the mind cannot conceive or image unto self. Only the heart can follow the vibration, the tone, the Light that is now calling us forth to step outside the dream, to Re-member. We are the embodiment of the miracle of life. We are the embodiment of the Light that created ALL. We are One and the same experiencing our self awakening within the illusion of time, space and matter. That which we believe to be miracles are our inherent birthright. We are entering the time when no time is upon us. Within the movement into no time we are entering the Age of Miracles beyond what once we understood a miracle to be. For contained within a miracle are the Keys to the Kingdom as we rebuild the temple within to be in the presence of the Light of Creation.

Contained within the gray matter of the brain are small particles, magnets that science has identified as the same magnets that allow the whale and the birds to follow migratory pathways home. Science has discounted the magnets in our brain as serving no current functional purpose. Yet unbeknownst to science, the magnets of our brains serve outrageous purpose. Through the magnetic domains of the spinning fluids of the brain we are capable of feeling the gravitational pull of earth and our alignment to the celestial bodies in space. Like the indigenous Indians who entered the sacred ceremonial Kiva dug deep within the earth, we can intensify the magnetic spin within the fluids of the brain's chamber to align to higher frequencies of Light. As the earth's magnetic field is lowering, so to is earth's magnetic hold on the magnetic field within the brain's imaging chamber that holds us within the fields of creation of separation to transcend earth's magnetic fields into new alignments with the Light that creates ALL. As we hear the call to return Home, the magnetic poles no longer hold us earth bound, but are releasing their magnetic hold to allow the magnetic spin within the imaging chamber to align to the migratory pathways inherent in our original blueprint, our DNA that will guide us Home.

Within the heart chamber is the energy pulse that infuses matter with breathing, pulsating life. When the heart chamber opens to the Essence of Life, opens to the Love that originates life, something miraculous happens within our physiology. Every molecular spin, every cell, every organ begins to be infused with the resonance of Love. As this resonance builds in frequency and tone, matter literally bridges its confinement in time and space to enter the pathway of Rainbow Light that returns matter to its original Source. When the vibratory frequencies of the heart chamber create a resonance that is magnified in the magnetic imaging chamber of the brain, a resonate wave action opens the linkages, the circuitry of the brain beyond the matrix, grid lines that have held the physical form in bondage within the lower frequencies of 3rd dimensional creation.

As the heart chamber opens, creating the resonance of Love magnified, as this resonance begins vibrating within the imaging chamber of the mind spinning beyond the gravitational fields of earth, the combined resonance is opening the fields of new creation, to create anew within the union of Love born within the heart of man/woman upon the earth to image that which we are designed inherently to image. Just as a resonating tone in the right key amplified can shatter glass, so to we have the ability to resonate in the key of Love, the Divine Tone, when amplified will shatter the structures that have kept us frozen in time. Just as the polar caps are melting the frozen structures built up over time, we are melting the polar structures within our physical form to allow the sea of consciousness to rise to reform the structures we once walked within. We have the ability to rise up and walk upon the surface of the creational sea. As we enter the transforming chamber of the heart contained within the diamond pyramidal structures of the Merkabah, the sarcophagus of death that returns the matter of the body to dust, no longer need be our destination. Rather, we are living the return to dust of that which no longer serves us to resurrect the body back into the Light of I AM, back into the original Adam Kadmon through the transforming chamber of the heart. When the heart chamber is conjoined once again with the Light of Creation, the Divine Mind in harmonic resonance with the imaging chamber of the mind, is blowing open the doorway of creation to create anew through the Power and Glory We Are, through I AM That I AM...

We are like glorious fireworks. Once the Flame within is ignited we rocket through time and space, past the stars that have held the Light as way stations to guide us in our return trip Home. As we fly into the arms of Love waiting to receive us, we explode with a display of Light that Lights the Heavens with our radiance, a magnificent display that defies description but is felt by ALL. The Light of the greatest star known to man is infinitesimal in comparison to the Light We Are. We are the great stars of creation, imaging the Light of I AM as we star upon the stage of life to climax in an explosion of Light beyond what we understand Light to be... It is our time to star. It is our time to Re-member. It is our time to be ALL that We Are in the great play of I AM, the grand performance of ALL time to beyond time... Let the fireworks begin...

Much love,
Victoria Liljenquist

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