Monday, December 5, 2011

NEW EARTH - KEPLER 22B DISCOVERED & Personal News from Victoria

Dear Family of Light,

Exciting NEWS: The scientists continue to talkk about this Other Earth which looks like perfect weather all year around. They call it Kepler 22B and thank goodness they are devoting some press on it, as I feel it IS BECOMING PART OF OUR REALITY.
Below also is a you tube from Nasa of a Large Craft flying around Mercury.
Check it out.

Update Sad News: I am sorry I have been out of touch but there have been two great people in my life who passed the last couple of weeks (Helen who was my mom for 34 yrs after my own mother passed, she married my father and then he passed 28 yrs ago.
Also my dear friend Metta passed last week. Ironically, both funerals are
the same day/time in different towns in Utah, so I am traveling. Sending love to you all and thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers. Death is a graduation
but it is just hard for all of us to say "Goodbye for a while". I am so blessed to
have these beautiful ladies touch my life". Many people are leaving the planet right now, special spiritual leaders who have made a great contribution to the our World. I send to all those who are grieving their personal losses, my loving thoughts and prayers...we will see our loved ones and pets again soon.


Contact is before us and each day we feel a little less of this dimension as we are preparing for a greater reality which will bring us endless possibilities, freedom, a new way of living, acknowledging brothers and sisters from other star systems to unite with us. Intergalactic travel is not a dream but coming soon. On my past postings on blog page,you can read of the visions and transmissions I have been receiving over the last few years.

As we stay in a positive place of wonderment, allowing our destiny to unfold, we shall be rewarded for the tedious patience we have endured to now realize our long awaited Contact. Listen within, trust, be the best human and super being you can be
with serving and loving others, and loving yourself too…as peace comes from honoring our inner soul and Divine Light!!

My blessings to you all for a Blessed December 2011. Soon we shall celebrate in a most magnificent way with richness not in the world of money, but unlimited resources of our new reality of abundance, spiritually, physically and infinitely.

Love & blessings, Victoria Liljenquist,

LATEST DISCOVER FROM NASA of a Space Craft hovering by Mercury - YOU TUBE & PHOTOS

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Date: Monday, 5-Dec-2011 06:15:10

This was spotted and uploaded to YT by siniXster on 3 Dec 2011
Enlarged frame, with inverted image.

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