Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Re-Birth into the New Reality and Golden Age


Special Message from Victoria Liljenquist

CELEBRATING the recent birth of my 15th Grandchild, and sweet Grand-daughter Born 12/17/2012




Greetings Beloved Family of Light!

from Victoria Liljenquist, (now in Park City Utah since 10/2012)

Dearest Family,

A glorious, challenging and long journey for 26,000 yrs. is coming to a pinnacle point, taking us through the doorway of time and space.

Each of us have been tuning within and feeling our way through the birth canal of this GRAND INITIATION.

The anticipation of what is to come can vacillate back and forth…one moment feeling strong and sure, and the next feeling vulnerable and innocent as a child.

(Read the Visions received by Victoria go to:

Many have been feeling the wobble of the earth and our vibrational levels accelerating, even within our own cells, bones, muscles, and our minds which feel as if they are floating in the fluidness and lucid place of consciousness. Seeing, sensing, and feeling, but not really able to verbalize in human language, the definition of this KNOWING THAT WE ALL HAVE INSIDE.
Our dreams are REVEALING MUCH TO US. By asking our subconscious minds to allow us to recall upon awakening from our sleep state, we shall celebrate together our graduation of Rebirth.
We came here to be present for this Grand Celebration as we move out of the old ways and into a New Day Dawning. Many doubt us, laugh at us, but we ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT, AND WE KNOW WITHIN OUR VERY SOULS AND DNA CELLULAR MEMORY WHAT IS TO COME.

It is not really necessary to define it, as each of us may experience something different, yet as the ONENESS that we are together shall experience many events at the same moment.

Perhaps you have been feeling very dizzy and absent minded…we are forgetting the old.

A story of a little 6 yr. old was talking a baby sister, who was in the crib, saying:

"Please help me to remember, as I am forgetting what it was like with God". This was heard on the baby monitor in the other room by the parents.
We are remembering more every moment as we forget the past, and surrender to the truth within us that a beautiful and higher conscious life shall embrace us. The Sweet and Precious Children who were taken from us last week in Connecticut, I believe agreed to be part of a catalyst to wake humanity up to love more, strive for more peace and to carry us out of the Third Dimension, which is full of Guns. They children are with Jesus and he loves us all, but especially the little Children to come unto him.

Just 3 weeks ago in early December, I asked Sananda Jesus and St. Germaine to come to me.

My room was filled with Brilliant Purple Light and then Wine Red Light. I saw them and asked to fill humanity with more light to support the next phase of our journey into a New World. Many are frightened and discouraged, I cried to the Masters, and they reassured me that WE SHALL SEE A NEW DAY VERY SOON. PLEASE READ:

My personal visions have come to pass many times, and even showed me the place I live now in Park City, Utah which was shown to me in 1993. This Building did not exist until Jan 2012. So it is a great confirmation to me that I can trust my visions, and I know many of you can relate and are seeing many of the same similar views of tne New Earth coming in and how that shall unfold.
ONCE AGAIN, I share that from my has shown that we shall go into a deep sleep and then WAKING UP IN THE NEW REALITY. Today is December 19th, and I feel like I am still in a dream….   Four years ago, on Christmas Eve, I had another vision where I was walking through the snow, laid down to rest and said to my friend I am so tired,  then I saw something amazing!!  I saw myself laying there in the snow...then saw a  part of myself STEP OUT OF MY PHYSICAL BODY LAYING IN THE SNOW...The Body of Light Of Myself kept walking forward...moving on into a New Reality.  As you read my vision link, there are other visions which are similar to this one from Christmas Eve in 2010.

On Christmas Eve in 2000, is when the Chariot of Ezekiel appeared to me which I filmed.  It can be seen on the trailer video link "Encounters with Angels, UFO's and Divine Messages" on my website.

Therefore, there is something very profound about
CHRISTMAS EVE shown to me over and over!!

WE HAVE BEEN LIVING A DREAM …a world of lessons, strife, challenges, violence, as well as some beautiful experiences.

It is now time to move into UNIVERSAL REALITY… beyond matter and into LIGHT.
As we place our deepest love, devotion, trust, faith, forgiveness, celebration, hopes, dreams, desires into the BUBBLE OF LIGHT - which is like unto the placenta we once laid within the womb…


A song I composed in 1998, reminds me of the feelings I have now which you might relate to:

"Cell, Cell, Celebrate, Feel the light within…remember who you use to be and NOW BEGIN Again.

Cell, Cell, Celebrate, Atlantis now returns, spinning through the Universe,

the Lessons we have Learned!"

My deepest love and thoughts are with each and every one of you as

we all walk TOGETHER Through THIS DOORWAY,


A beautiful You Tube Video you will want to watch!
21 December- NEW Message from the Star Nations - YouTube

I look forward to hearing from you sometime.

Please write and fill me in on your lives. If I can assist you in any way,

please let me know. email:

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Wishing you a Blessed December 2012 Merry Christmas!

With Love and thanks,

Victoria Liljenquist

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