Monday, October 12, 2009

Preparedness, Contact, Healing Sessions, Upcoming Lecture & Radio Interview Oct 2009

Timely Message Update from Victoria Liljenquist
Oct 12, 2009

Note: Upcoming Events

Items of discussion – skip to the ones that interest you!

A. Timely Message Update
B. Preparedness – Events of October/November - Urgent
C. Chariot of Ezekiel Merkabah Vehicle - Contact & Messages

HEALING & INTUITIVE CONSULTATION Sessions in person or by phone available
A special Discount of $45/hr until Dec. 1st - write to to schedule. If you are needing some GUIDANCE, 2nd confirmation of what you know
in your heart..or healing needs of mind,body,spirit issues...please know I AM HERE FOR YOU.

Program of Victory Tour: will resume setting up dates in the coming due to family member illness.

Wednesday, NOVEMBER 11, 2009 - 6:30- 9:00 p.m

Sacred Language of Light Encounters
Preparing for the New Earth”
11:11 Meditation/Activation - Group Healing

Event Location: Bayfield, Colorado
Pathways Book Store & Healing Center
40031 US Hwy 160 East, Bayfield, CO 81122
Phone: 970-884-4718
$15 by Nov. 1 or $22 at Door

A. Message Update

As the energies are accelerating, we are feeling less present in our physical body. The earth is moving through the plan of transformation, and like unto the gestation of the unborn child, we are required to float within the fluidness of this new birth coming where we will be delivered in the New Reality…for those who are ready to embrace it. CONTACT continues to increase. There are vital processes taking place behind the scenes which will unfold shortly to move us forward into a reality we deserve...desire...and have a divine birthright to embrace.

The most urgent message I have been receiving from the Brotherhood of Light is this:

Preparedness – Events of October- November

1. Prepare yourselves with the necessities you need for you and your family.
We have a rocky ride for a bit of time…better days will come…but for now...
Be Ready for Big Changes for this New Beginning. It is easy to get discouraged and impatient, and we all are going through this…remember, you are not alone. Let go of feeling like the " Victim "and Take Charge of your Life, the best you can, no matter how frustrated you may be feeling.

As I have shared before, THERE ARE GREAT AND POSITIVE CHANGES COMING and we need to stay focused and joyful and be ready for them to unfold. The more negative forces we see...we are balancing out the battery of life on the positive end. As we see these events, this is a sign of HOW CLOSE WE REALLY ARE.

2. Keep plenty of CASH on hand as the banks may be doing something unexpected here SOON…WITHIN THE MONTH OF OCT. It is better to be prepared, just in case. The monetary system will soon be changing out, but until all is place, we must be prepared with CASH.

3. Definitely stock up on your food supply, as the price of food is going to be going UP considerably in the next 2-3 months.

4. Meditate and make a plan for you and your family in the event of some major, inconvenient episodes, i.e. power outages, storms, more economic instability.

5. Trust & Know that major transformation will be arriving …after the “storm”.

Consider where you want to be while we ride out these theses changes.
If you feel guided to relocate…do so As SOON AS Possible. Not all will be able to do this, but let your inner guidance inspire you as to what is right for you. HONOR YOUR NEED TO REST…we are all still feeling increased fatigue at times. KEEP YOUR SPIRITS UP…the best you can.TAKE TI ME TO BE STILL, QUIET AND LISTEN WITHIN.

6. Reach out to others to see how you can them through this transitional time.
We are blessed when we are serving others in need.

C. "Chariot of Ezekiel" Merkabah Vehicle - CONTACT

Increased contact is happening world wide. Over the last few nights, the Diamond Merkabah Ship has been appearing outside my patio just above the water on the lake around 2:00 – 4:00 am. The amazing spoke-like images of this amazing vehicle is IDENTICAL to the Merkabah, I filmed 9 years ago in 2000 on Christmas Eve. I call this Merkabah the "Chariot of Ezekiel". The rapid movement and shape shifting of this Merkabah is transmitting to me that we are moving fast towards this Big shift. I can actually SEE Angelic PEOPLE dressed in white moving inside the Merkabah Vehicle.

This wondrous Encounter is once again revealing many pictographic images. What a beautiful and divine sight to behold. I have felt this encounter was incredibly profound as it has now appeared on Oct 9, 2009 – almost 9 years ago on this coming Christmas and now has continued to appear to me for 9 days.

Ezekiel’s Chariot brings with it many messages for us as our journey unfolds presently. If you wish to see and feel the energy of the Merkabah of Ezekiel Chariot, filmed in 2000 – this is the same image coming to me over the last 9 evenings. Nine (9) represents completion!

View the FOOTAGE OF THIS Chariot of Ezekiel on link on home page for Videos or by clicking on the you tube video below. You will be blessed as it transmits to your third eye as you watch … this glorious Chariot featured
at the last clip of the 4 min video

My blessings, prayers and Heavenly Support to you all,
Victoria Liljenquist

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