Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Transformational Process Accelerates

Beloved Family of Light,

Whew! What a ride this past full Moon. I am sure you will relate to the
many energies, emotions, and major HOT FLASHES WHICH ARE NOT HORMONE RELATED
THAT TOOK PLACE TWO NIGHTS AGO. Transmissions are indicating that our bodies
are being amplified into their CHRIST LIGHT BODY.

Many have expressed feeling this heat wave all night long on Sunday night,
where you just felt the heat was within...along with the blasts of heat waves around the country which could get even higher. Those vibrating at a higher rate will be able to withstand the heat, but I feel there will be many souls starting to leave during this heat wave period.

Your families may not be understanding you..and you may feel alone in your KNOWINGness but trust that everyone is doing their own dance and it is personal choice. I know that some of you have family rejecting you because of your belief
and understanding of the Universe. Be forgiving and do not let it discourage you
as it is our responsibility to WALK our TRUTH with or without the support of some of those we love the most.

I thank you for listening to the show I did with James Gilliland last Sat. It was special and we are both feeling the Humanity is really winding down.

Remember the GLIDER Planes? This is what I have been shown is we are now
gliding on the energy of wind, trusting, allowing, being in the moment, and
feeling free to fly without the mechanical assistance of the 3rd Dimension.

Every day, it feels we are closer the Huge LEAP though the eye of the needle.
Remember, we have to each leap though that Eye alone, not holding hands, but
hoping to meet on the other side of the EYE OR THE IAM...I just saw that.
The eye is the window of that I Am Presence.

Ask your guides to help you open up more in your third eye, that which is necessary for your journey home to our 2nd Earth. Down sizing is helpful, but because this process is happening so rapidly, we may not get all the clutter out to the yard sale,
Think of the EMOTIONAL CLUTTER as the most important item to clean and purify.

Many are feeling the great Test, some are weary. I am sure most or all of us reading this blog can relate. Embrace that new level of Peace inside...the kind of peace you have when you just know you did your best on the test of life.

We have the answers, codes within us. My film "Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Intelligences" has some wonderful pictographic images appearing within the Merkabah Vehicle Chariot of Ezekiel. Those of you who have the film, have discovered the major healing effect it has on the third EYE. The Language of Light is transmitted from Ezekiel's Light Ship, with over 400 pictographic images rev
actual Beings dressed in white, in formation, performing ceremony. It is quite Divine as I film the ships, because I can literally see all of these "Beings" through they eye of the camera during the actual filming. SEE PHOTO ON BLOG

For me, I feel a tremendous Peace and knowing that the next phase of my work is unfolding, to be working more directly with the Brotherhood and the Vehicles personally. This is all I can say right now, but it is a beautiful and positive assignment to assist the Ships with the process of relocation of Humanity's Children to areas of safety, where the need arises.

I shall always be here for you and will do my best to keep you up to date on new developments.

The earth changes have been intense this week as many quakes are hitting the planet. We are close to witness a really big quake soon. Just go within and ask for the instructions from your higher self, the commander of your light body. Stay inside as much as possible, there will be some major balls of fire. Have a game plan...look for coverage like a cave, seller ,just in case these heat waves get worse.

ENJOY EACH MOMENT, HUG YOURSELF and HUG EACH OTHER. HOLD THAT CANDLE LIGHT OF Divine Love I AM ...TO BE YOUR BECON IN THE NIGHT, TO GUIDE YOUR JOURNEY to our 2nd earth, THE ISLAND EARTH, as Kenny Loggins sings of on his album "Unimaginable Life." Profound lyrics and really do relate with our transformation now.

If you are interested in ordering your own personal copy of "Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages" my journey & encounters on FILM, go to link: http://www.victoriaslight.com/dvdpurchase.htm
my healing CDs link: http://www.victoriaslight.com/music.htm
which are on my website www.victoriaslight.com.

They are great comforting tools to assist us all right now.

Must close for now and sending you each my love, support and prayers.

Blessing us all into the New Paradigm of the 2nd Earth,

Victoria Liljenquist

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