Sunday, October 16, 2011


Dear Beloved Family of Light.

Since my vision of October 5, 2011, I have been receiving transmissions and visions almost every night. I wanted to share most recent vision with you.

On Thursday, October 13, 2011 early in the morning, I experienced seeing a small group of people who had come together for an inspirational gathering, but before we could begin our activities, more and more people were showing so we had to keep setting up more chairs. The group which began small and then BECAME A VERY LARGE GROUP.

I then saw Sananda Jesus and Mother Mary standing with us. There were no words but my thoughts were that WE ARE ALL COMING TOGETHER NOW.

IT SEEMED THAT OUR GROUP WAS NOT IN THIS DIMENSION BUT perhaps in the New Reality Earth or perhaps a midway point BEFORE moving onto the New Earth. THIS MAY HAVE BEEN A PRAYERFUL ORIENTATION TO PREPARE and receive instructions FOR OUR JOURNEY HOME.

Then I awakened at 7 a.m.

My sense from this vision is that there is a part of our consciousness within each of us, that is congregating in these midway stations where we are getting ready for the final EXODUS to our New HOME.

THIS VISION FELT SO WONDERFUL TO ME! Perhaps the sign of more and more people coming to the door and wanting to come in and join us is a SIGN THAT MANY ARE GOING TO WAKE UP AT THE FINAL MOMENT OF OUR GRADUATION, our LEAP and TRANSMUTATION TO THE OUR HEAVEN on THE NEW EARTH.

As I have visited to many folks the last week, everyone is feeling the winding down on their projects and just wanting to soak up the beauty we see on this Earth which will be re-created soon to A MUCH GREATER BEAUTY. THIS IS A PROMISE I HAVE RECEIVED FROM THE ANGELS, JESUS AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT.

All of the things we love about this dimension will follow us to the New EARTH. The dolphins, sea life, animals, flowers, tastes, smells will remain with us, and will be MAGNIFIED IN GLORIOUS BEAUTY BEYOND OUR IMAGINATION.

My encouragement and support to all of us, is to just stay in the moment. Today is the date they said Comet Elenin would come even closer to Earth. I HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING PROFOUND ON THE NEWS as of yet today.

There are many dates given to us, but keep in mind that a date means nothing when we are moving out of TIME AND INTO A NEW INFINATE REALITY. NO ONE KNOWS THE TIME OR DAY…We all have a knowing within us which should be our guide as we move through the coming days or months.

I have feelings about certain dates, yet I strive to remain open "BE" in the moment, to embrace the present joy, experience.

I am calling my dear friends and thanking them for being a part of this journey ..and we all agree we will reconnect after this final graduation to the New Earth.

Many are feeling a little lost right now, as they don't feel they have a purpose with this winding down mode before our leap Home. Keep in mind that all the projects, dreams, wishes, desires you have now, will remain with you and shall manifest beautifully soon.

To the many healers, your work will continue to help the souls who are in the process of waking up. I believe that some people will need extra instruction and help to understand this transition.

I am looking forward to a world of instant manifestation, total freedom, abundance,
unlimited food for all. There will be no hunger where were are going to...NO LACK OF ANYTHING.

REMEMBER TO GET YOUR REST and listen to your inner guidance.

Until next time...sending you my love and clear vision of

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God/Goddess be with us All
Blessings of Love and Celebration,

Victoria Liljenquist
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