Saturday, April 16, 2011

CELEBRATION....WE ARE ONE ..this Easter Moon


SPECIAL MESSAGE OF SUPPORT: Today is April 16th, we approach this Easter MOON and we are preparing for the upcoming passover and Easter...this is a major Gateway for our Higher Self to embrace totally that which we collectively and individually…DESIRE to initiate AS OUR REBIRTH into the New Day Dawning. As we hold this focus of Christ Light Consciousness, that of Peace and Unity not only on Earth but in the Universe, WE STAND in our CHRIST LIGHT PRESENCE.

We have all been feeling very strange the past few weeks, not really feeling like we are in this not be afraid as this is part of the process of our transmutation. Symptoms: extreme fatigue, no able to focus or organize, more nausea, headaches, and body pain. WE ARE MOVING OUT OF THIS DENISITY INTO AN ENTIRE NEW FREQUENCY. OUR DREAMS ARE REALLY OUR ACTIVITIES INTO THE OTHER WORLD WE ARE PREPARING TO MOVE INTO". IT MAY FEEL REALLY ROCKY RIGHT NOW, BUT HANG IN THERE...LOVE LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER LOVED BEFORE...ALLOW, BE PATIENT, AND PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE ANGER OF THE 3RD DIMENSIONAL WORLD, which WE ARE LEAVING BEHIND.

As I was looking through my files of past transmissions, I found this message which I sent in 2007. More than ever, it feels so accurate to where we are now.

(transmitted to Victoria December 12, 2007)......

It is an incredible time of truly coming together as a Family of Light, The Children of the Light. We have waited so long to usher in this grand initiation taking us into the next level of our planetary mission. We are all preparing diligently for this time to SOON ARRIVE. We are now finding each other, and we now do not feel so alone in our visions and intuitive thoughts. We can celebrate that inner knowing, which has been carried in our hearts since childhood and before this life. What a glorious reunion!

Tears of joy fall, as I write this message, for each of you have blessed me greatly with your love, encouragement and appreciation. Each and everyone plays a part, and all of us are vital in the orchestration of this transformation for our World.

The mission and focus of my life has been an honor to serve the Universe, and to serve and support you, my precious Brothers and sisters, assisting us to REMEMBER WHO WE ARE and to greater understand our relationship with our BENEVOLENT FAMILIES OF OTHER WORLDS.

Many of you may not have seen the trailer of my personal encounters, but just to see 4 minutes of the journey will truly activate your higher self thru your THIRD EYE. I ask you to watch this today…and hold that energy and thought of our NEXT LEVEL of CONTACT. Our Thoughts as One are truly Powerful!!!

As you view this trailer, you will get a glimpse and feel the love of our Brotherhood of Light. The Heavenly Light Ships transmit the encoded messages which assist in helping us to remember that knowledge from the Ages of Time. This knowledge can now be unlocked from our Subconscious Mind and manifest now to Conscious Recognition.

The first film clip shown is the trailer from my film of 2005, "Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages" - please watch for the last clip from Dec. 24, 2000 and you will see what I see nightly. I can actually see people dressed in white moving in formation(when slowing down the film). The other films on this link
you will see the Diamond Rainbow Colored Mother Ships which are only captured when I go backward in time to extract them. They are so beautiful.

Watch the trailer:

If you feel you would like to see the entire 44 min film, it is is available on DVD on my website.

"Be each day the best, the most loving, the most forgiving, the most serving, you can possibly be…"As we "Be" Each Day, we shall BECOME all the wonderful aspects of who we have been forever and always" on our journey of remembering.

As we manifest now in ONENESS, we merge our desires and dedication to pass thru the Eye of the Needle into our "Light Being Presence". Fear not, but be in the moment-to-moment JOY OF FEELING THE BLESSINGS to be a part of this GRAND EVENT we have been waiting for. Time is spinning quickly. We are asked to ride this wave of change into the 2nd EARTH, a World we have longed to live in. As we see the trials and challenges unfolding around the world with Earth Changes…let us send through our thought projections… a shield of protection to those who are severely affected and tested.

Even when their material comforts are taken away, the preservation of life and the opportunity to progress remains waiting to be realized. We send our prayers to all of those individuals serving in the Armed Forces, for they have dedicated themselves to be there. We send love to their families and prayers to bring them safely home to us. We send prayers of all the weary, tired, hungry, sick, and suffering, that their burdens shall be lifted and they shall feel the angel wings of peace soothing their tired souls. We hold our love for all beings who are striving to embrace
a higher consciousness and to have the strength to Embrace the LIGHT. We bless those who have been swept away by the Earth Changes, that their spirits will lifted into a new beginning, waiting for us to join them on the New Earth.

We focus our love and prayers on the Precious Children, for they are the leaders of our next Root Race.

Remember, allow only the positive thoughts and release the third-dimensional self to let go of the thought forms of lower energy and the fears of Man. We are here to experience a much higher vibration, beyond terrestrial, but transcending into a our Ascended State of Being.

As we create new communities supporting a "Heaven on Earth", each of us has our own tools and keys to contribute as we unlock this doorway to our New World.
Go within…those keys are inside each of US…to now be realized and utilized.
We manifest this transformation in each of our own unique ways …and we shall arrive together as one at our Unified Divine Destination.

Let us Celebrate as ONE this New Beginning of Empowered Thoughts of Peace, Unity and our DESTINY. I wanted to share the lyrics of one of my original songs, featured in Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages" Documentary Film, because it truly correlates with the thoughts we are sharing as ONE. Thanks to Alan Hewitt for his music orchestration and production of the song.

"Celebration, We are ONE" (theme song featured in my film: Encounters with Angels)
1998 copyrighted Victoria Liljenquist

Deep in my dreams, I have seen all my life,
visions of angels who walk by my side,
Colors, vibrations, they move thru my soul,
past lives returning…the KEYS NOW I HOLD.

Celebration, we are one, Come together…SING OUR SONG

Seeing, believing, they come from the skies
Reach up and wake up and open our eyes
Dance with the spirit and sign with our Hearts
Unite with each other…RETURN TO THE STARS




My blessings and love are holding you each within the Wings
of the Angels this day, April 16, 2011.

Victoria Liljenquist

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