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I encourage you to please take time to watch these amazing, beautiful and profound videos which will give you Great INNER PEACE…IN REMEMBERING THE GREAT PLAN UNFOLDING BEFORE US. I mentioned in the last blog the first video below
and I encourage to you then watch The Great Spectacle of Light Video,
which is so beautiful and prepares us for incredible events!

An Important and Urgent Message for Help to assist Mother Earth from the Ascended Masters " Shamalea1 21 videos Subscribe Subscribed

Life will stand still for 3 days - time will stop for 3 days
A great spectacle of light is coming to the Earth for 3 Days

`* ☆ A Spectacle of Light is coming to the Earth for 3 days

"When time stands still and people walk out of their homes….
and shall see throughout the atmosphere is charged WITH sacred geometry designs - everything is in divine preparation."

Message from Victoria:

We are in this magnificent process of our physical body to take on it's garment of light body and to truly now embrace this celebration of that life we have longed for.

If you feel the need to sleep - please allow it for in these restful times, our spirits are being prepared and also shown in dream time the 2nd Earth we are going to be living on very soon. I personally find that I hardly want to awaken in the morning because I am so deep in my activities in the other World at night.
Be patient with yourself on not putting too much pressure on tasks, but trust
that you as you cherish each moment of the tasks you can actually complete.

Focus on your relationships, the goodness and love you can extend to others, and
truly live now as you have Heaven on Earth within you, which is being Birthed with

Enjoy this moment and know that more precious moments will be ours as we move
through the eye of the Needle. You will continue into beautiful living, loving relationships, freedom without limitations, walking together in peace and christ consciousness.

The Angelic Kingdom is close by to assist us, as are the ascended Masters and our beloved Sananda Jesus Christ. In my near death of 1981, Jesus showed me the tremendous earth changes taking place now, and I was asked at that time, to anchor
the light and strength on behalf and with the Children of Earth.

You are each precious and dear to me - I am here to assist in any way that I can be of service to you.

My love, prayers are sent with to you with Joys of Heaven,

Victoria Liljenquist

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