Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OUR COSMIC TRANSITION...sharing with you Tom Kenyon's Message from the Hathors..Excellent

Dear Family of Light,

I apologize for being out of touch...lost a dear friend last week. Will get back on track soon.

Our Brother of Light, Tom Kenyon received an amazing transmission from the Hathors
which truly explains so precisely what we have all been feeling. » Transition States of Consciousness click on the link…

Last week with Retrograde ending, most have been really feeling like they are not even in this dimension. Have you felt like you had a sleeping pill...needing to sleep last almost non-stop? Our bodies are really amping up in physical symptoms which can be very taxing. Please know you are not alone. As I was up all night, our area looked like the mist of Avalon!

I do believe we are moving quickly into the paralelle world and we just have
to focus on the moment, do not stress about a month from now. Just remember to BE
and know this is our time...we chose to be here to usher in this grand initiation.

This is brief today...but sending you all of my love and support.

Blessings of the NEW EARTH,

Victoria Liljenquist

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  1. The Tom Kenyon article helped soooo much!! A rare one indeed! Thanks for your words too Victoria which help keep me going!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!!!