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Planet Alert by Mahala April 2011 -- Activating your light Body, "NEPTUNE - THE PLANET RAINING DIAMONDS" Please SEE my photo of the THE DIAMOND SHIP



THIS IS A "MUST READ" PLANET ALERT FROM MAHALA. TRULY POWERFUL. PLEASE SEE MY PHOTO ON THIS PAGE OF THE DIAMOND SHIP WHICH DEPICTS WHAT MAHALA REFERS TO AS "THE NEW CHRIST STAR WHICH IS DIAMOND SHAPED. "Being Neptune is the planet of diamonds, it's time to tune into this planet and activate your light body." quote from Mahala.

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April 2011

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What's up for the new moon of April? On the new moon of April 3, 2011 at 7:00 AM PDT there will be six planets in Aries, plus Eris, and Vulcan. What a powerhouse that will be. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which carries very dynamic energy. This month will be Mars dominant. Uranus is in Aries and that planet rules revolution and change.

Aries is a fire sign, so look for more fire events like fires, volcanic eruptions, war and violence, and maybe even hot weather this summer. There is also a cardinal T-cross in the heavens between Aries, Libra and Capricorn. This means that events will happen very fast from now on, especially because we are in the ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar. This means that every twenty days will seem like a year. Wow, that is really fast. Does this mean a major event will happen every 20 days or so?

Then Neptune moves into its own sign Pisces on April 5, 2011, after 14 years in Aquarius. Neptune went into Aquarius at the end of January 1998. Neptune is a female, magnetic planet. She is considered the higher energy of Venus. On November 9, 1998 the earth went to zero magnetics for a short period of time. This was when the magnetic pole shift first started to happen. The magnetic north pole started to slowly move towards Siberia until December 21, 2010 when it landed in Surgut, Siberia. It looks like the magnetic pole has stopped moving.

This feminine planet was in the male sign of Aquarius for all those years. This energy was teaching us how to balance our right and left brains so they can work together as one. This is when we can start manifesting oneness consciousness. To do this we had to finish releasing our shadow self. This process started at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987.

This is when we first moved into the fourth dimension and everything started to fall apart, including the Berlin Wall. We had to start looking at ourselves and release the behavior we no longer needed to experience. This has been a long hard process, and at times it was like walking through mud. This brought a lot of poor-me events to the surface. Hopefully we have passed that phase and are ready to manifest freedom. I just heard that Jose Arquelles, the one who organized the Harmonic Convergence, just died. Is his death symbolic of us finishing up moving through the fourth dimension? Are we ready for the fifth?

Neptune represents soft gentle Pisces energy, and will be right at home in that sign after April 5th. Pisces rules water, oceans, feelings and emotions. If you don't meditate, now is the time to start because you might be able to reach cosmic consciousness. We will have a taste of this energy until Neptune moves back into Aquarius on August 3, where it will stay until February of 2012. Then it will move into Pisces where it will stay for years.

It's my understanding that Neptune was the first planet created in this solar system. This means that some people had to deal with karma going all the way back to that planet. The dark side of Neptune is deception and drugs. One of the biggest lessons from this planet has been the misuse of drugs of all kinds. Look at how this has affected the Earth and everyone on it. We have had the drug war for years, and also the controlling Pharmaceutical Cartel. Thousands of people die every year from drugs, both illegal and prescription drugs.

Many people take drugs to get into a feeling of euphoria. Soon we will be able to attain this feeling without the use of drugs. The energy from Neptune in Pisces will allow us to obtain bliss just from living life. Neptune is the Mother Goddess and it is time for her positive energy to cover this Earth.

I found an old article about Neptune when I was going through some old papers. It is called Neptune Rising and was from Discover Magazine Vol. 21 No 9 (September 2000). It is a very interesting article. It talks about a planet where it rains diamonds. A graduate student in physics put some methane in a pressurized chamber and used a laser beam to create pressure and heat conditions that you might find about a third of the way toward the planet's center. He found that carbon atoms would form a coal-like substance, but under extreme pressure, they formed diamond dust. This means that Neptune rules diamonds.

This leads me to mention the new Christ star that is diamond shaped. It is actually a curved diamond. The Star of David is a double pyramid. The pyramid that points up is considered male and the down pointing one is female. This represents polarity. When you put the pyramids together you get a diamond. This diamond shape appeared in a crop circle in England in August of 2006.

We have a carbon based body that is turning into a crystal light body. This is why it is important to connect to your diamond heart and manifest the energy from that beautiful crystal clear light. This is pure white light with sparkles of gold and silver in it. This white light contains all colors of the rainbow including gold and silver. You can also surround yourself with golden light for The New Age of Aquarius. Gold is male energy and silver is female. Being Neptune is the planet of diamonds, it's time to tune into this planet and activate your light body. Check out the Diamond Heart Activation on www.lifeseedcodes.com

There is very intense planetary energy that is in effect right now. Starting on March 26, the moon was conjunct Pluto (the planet of transformation, oil, and nuclear energy) in a 90 degree angle to five planets in Aries, opposing Saturn in Libra. This fast acting cardinal cross will start to be activated on March 26, and will continue to be in effect for a long time. There could be many events happening from this T-cross but it looks to me like the main part of this energy is focused on North Africa, and the Middle East. Jupiter is on 13 degrees Aries in an opposition to Saturn on 14 degrees Libra. Saturn (the karmic planet) is exactly over Tripoli, Libya with five Aries planets opposing it. This is why the war is being fought in that area and in the surrounding countries. The rebellion started in Tunisia, then moved to Egypt and became a war in Libya.

The United States went to the United Nations to get approval to help the people of Libya. This means that the whole world is basically together against Gadhafi. The United Nations represents all people of the world. This means that we are in a third world war which will probably escalate because of all the planetary energy in effect. This is a war for freedom. It is now time for everyone to be free.

In ancient prophecies the third world war was predicted to happen first, and then the ball of redemption would arrive. It looks like the ball of redemption (Elenin) is here. I call this object Nemesis. Whatever you want to call it, this brown dwarf star is here and has been affecting the Earth for a long time. The most recent event was the earthquake and tidal wave in Japan. This object will be at the closest point to Earth this fall.

We will continue to have more natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, fires, earthquakes, storms and floods. There is a strong concentration of planets over Samoa, Fiji, Philippines, Indonesia, and up to Hawaii or Alaska. As the Sun moves into Taurus the west coast, plus Mexico, will be affected. Then of course there is the Middle East, which could also have a natural disaster.

We are now in the time of fire, which could include fire in the sky. Watch for more solar activity, and don't forget that Mercury goes retrograde on March 30 to April 23. It's time to stay cool, calm, and collected and vibrate to the frequency of love and light. All is well in my World. So Be It!

*****Mahala Gayle*****


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