Friday, March 25, 2011

Powerful and beautiful Heart Centered Meditation video - Truly Moving and Inspiring

Dear Family of Light,

You Tube to uplift you.

A Sacred Visual Heart Imagery Music Meditation:

My dear friend Pilar DELALUZ sent this beautiful you tube meditation to me.

I loved it and felt you would also. There are many other videos on this site
which are beautifully animated with heavenly energy, colors and music.

Today many are feeling the energies...stay in your heart. It is a challenge at times
when we are in this 3rd Dimension, but we will be HOME soon.

Sending my love,
Victoria Liljenquist

From PILAR - you tube to watch.
Let us pray

For healing and transformation in our world,
for the healing of our hearts:

A Sacred Visual Heart Imagery Music Meditation:


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