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Special Message: Breathing in the New Earth - transmission by Victoria Feb. 2006

Special Message from Victoria -
"Breathing in the New Earth" - transmission received by Victoria in 2006.
Dear Family of Light,

Today I felt inspired to post a transmission I received in Feb. 2006, which truly applies to our journey RIGHT NOW! I appreciate you sharing the blog with others as I am only doing the blog now and not sending individual emails to my massive list of addresses.

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May you feel the Joy of Heaven today with you...Hold that space and no that no matter how this dimension may feel or look, there is a much greater TRUE UNIVERSAL REALITY that is ours to embrace VERY SOON. As things may crumble around us, we are the pillar of light with stands strong in the greatest storm.

and Our Journey to the Home Within"
by Victoria Liljenquist, transmitted Feb. 19, 2006

We are traveling through “The eye of the Needle”. Our inner "remembering" is searching for something greater than what is seen with our eyes. We are longing to return to home, like unto Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we are starving for a new kind of joy. Truly that home we are searching for, is within us. As we go inside, there are new keys, to re-unite us with our Divine Intelligence, the stars, and with the Universe.

As you look into the night sky, you feel as if a particular star is blinking right at you, communicating with you. Well it is! There are activations and transmissions being sent to us as we star gaze. There are gifts to be activated from Non-Earthly Heavenly Vehicles, whose Lights transmit beautiful manifestations. It is much more than just seeing, it penetrates deep within the core calling to OUR SOUL, to reclaim our star seed origin.

We are the Children of the Stars...the Lightworkers. With unique features and behaviors, we feel foreign in the mainstream of the 3rd Dimension's acceptable behaviors. We are Souls who are here in embodiment, and are very sensitive as we straddle between the worlds. Does this sound familiar, if so, you may feel stuck in between the fluidness of our ever- shifting reality. Feeling as if we are dying one moment and being birthed the next…over and over, and waiting for Oz to reveal our destination. We have all traveled that road, and now are very close to Coming Home! There are answers, lying deep within each of us, waiting to open up like flower opens up to the light.

Realizing we are not just living in one dimension...there are layers of multiple dimensions and portal shifts within us individually, as we all have our own personal journey of awareness and sensitivity. The earth has traveled thru major portals during the 11:11 and 12:12 Opening Gates.

These portals are doorways, allowing us to feel higher frequency energies, clearer, psychic intuition abilities, as well as experiencing enhanced telepathy, prophetic dreams and visions. Understanding how to unlock this potential is a key to be integrated within our cellular structure and light body transformation.

As we think we are in our beds, truly we are in a holographic image of our bedroom as we sleep. Our bed is a "Star Gate Portal Window" we can travel thru every night. This phenomenon has actually transpired on film. Within that "dream time", the language of light is brought forth to us. It is encoded in our light bodies so we may work with it in our awakened state of consciousness. Keys along with ancient symbols, angels, and images of people are revealed transmitted from the Light ships that we see in our evening skies. As the come closer, they reveal and download a profound new “Blueprint” pulsating into our Third prepare us for future events of our transforming Earth.

Many miracles await us to "see beyond this reality" through light, sound, music, meditation and New Thought Forms experienced in our ONENESS. These are ingredients to expedite our ascension process into our WHOLE Light Bodies.

Learning to cope with Brain Cramps: Every day we feel the roller coaster of navigating with our moment-to-moment thoughts. Intricate frequencies are felt, such as missing time; losing your thought ...within just minutes of having the thought and finding yourself wandering around the house in confusion! These are indications of the dimensional shifts within our day-to-day life. So how do we "lasso the fleeting thought" so we can still be productive? Focusing on the current moment is the first key. The rigid schedules of the Third Dimension must now be surrendered, in order to be flexible in transforming and changing how we operate to create new patterns of feeling and thought. Life is like hanging onto your "boogie" board as you surf the Tidal Waves of a new thought, as our present Earth is melting into the New Earth, we are creating now.

Our personal relationships are challenged when two beloveds are not on the same page. One partner has learned the new dance of thought, and the other partner is scratching their head, confused by the strange behavior of their transforming partner. There are keys to assist us in integrating greater harmony within our personal relationships. We must ask for that assistance from our guides, and there are many tremendous practitioners on this planet to also help with this transformational process.

Many keys and messages are given to us, if we can learn to listen and recognize them. Dowsing is a tremendous tool and can be sharpened for greater accuracy, working in sacred cleansed energy. With our souls filled with new keys, we can sing "There's now place like home", as we arrive “HOME” in this New Reality.

Each of us has our own personal choice to discover those special keys to open us up to the New Reality upon us. We can support each other through personal challenges, overcoming and conquering our fears.

The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch by Dr. J.J. Hurtak has always provided tremendous support to me, as I discovered how much of the verbiage in the Book related to my magical journey captured on film. I believe that the message from Dr. Hurtak along with the visual message revealed from my photographs (included on my "Journey on Film" on my website have been entrusted to me to share with the world, in hopes to open and expand our picture of reality.

It is time TO REMEMBER our Star Lineage, who we are and where we are returning to!

EVERY DAY WE LEARN SOMETHING NEW, OR FEEL A NEW SENSATION IN OUR PHYSICAL EARTH SUIT. THIS IS SUCH A TREMENDOUS TIME TO BE ALIVE AND IF YOU FEEL LIKE I DO, I DON'T WANT TO MISS A MINUTE OF IT. Embracing each day, each test, lesson, and joy and allowing it to be savored within our soul, as food for our transformational process, to carry us to the next level of our planetary evolution. We are getting glimpses within our dreams of that which is to come, our New Reality.

INCLUDED ON THIS BLOG PAGE is the Blue White Energy "STARBURST UFO", I share it with you in this email because it is so very special. Many of you may not realize that the Blue White Energy on my homepage website is literally a heavenly encounter

I had in 1994. This energy is the Blue White Energy from the Brotherhood of Space, a photo I captured while on top of Lake Powell, as the UFO's circled above me. It really looks like Heaven to me.

Much of my photography has revealed double orbs merging. You can visit this link and view many of my double orbs. There is a huge film gallery to explore

"TWO WORLDS depicted in film and photography of DOUBLE ORBS - go to my link:

Sending you all my prayers, love, & blessings,

Victoria Liljenquist

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