Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Videos on You Tube with Victoria - Important info and Footage

Dear Family of Light,

Energies are moving quickly. We all feel it... our lives changes rapidly.
Today is not only the 2nd Day of the Equinox, but my day of Birth.

The transmissions are flooding me. I will share more later.
But wanted to encourage you and all your contacts
to go to my videos on You Tube (they are available within my website also)

There are also interviews I have done with James Gilliland which he has listed
on my channel: Victoria Liljenquist on You Tube - SEE BLOG MARCH 23
Hoping these will give you some peace, remembering and comfort.

These videos I have on You Tube will be helpful to you visually and with
information which has been been transmitted through me for years.

The youtube of my trailer from my award winning film
"ENCOUNTERS WITH ANGEL, UFO & DIVINE MESSAGES" can be seen on http://www.youtube.com/user/VictoriaLiljenquist#p/a/u/1/D33TTPm90AA
Included is the footage of Dec 24, 2000 is the CHARIOT OF EZEKIEL, where you see the still image from the video in the photo displayed on my blog page.

I encourage everyone to visit my website which has been up since 1998
with amazing phenomena on film and photograhy.

SEE THE MOTHERSHIP I CAPTURED WITH A SPECIAL METHOD THE BROTHERHOOD GUIDED ME TO DO: "to go backwards in time on film...to captured the cloaked mother ship"
Watch this image on You Tube Video "Amazing Journey on Film" which shows the
Mothership and Diamond Ship by filmed by Victoria Liljenquist

More to come....
My blessings to you all,


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