Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beloved Family of Light Workers,

Greetings! June has been an amazing month of meeting the wonderful light workers of Sacramento and Stockton, CA. We had some great crowds at the lecture/film events. Everyone expressed appreciation for the opportunity to meet each other and to witness some amazing footage I filmed in Colorado this year of the Mother Ship and daytime Merkabah Vehicle Encounters.

I sincerely thank Kent and Renee Miller, Merri Anne Messenger, Marie Wilson and Jane Medlin for their efforts in assisting me with the events. Thanks also to Cynthia Siegel for her gracious hospitality and home where I stayed. Thanks also to Jane Medlin and Sherri Wasson for their home and hospitality. Many thanks to those who have donated to assist with the tour. You are truly angels here to assist in the gathering of our family, as our world transforms.

Next month, I will be sharing my film, “Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages”, along with a lecture regarding preparing for the New Earth, and Q&A in Albuquerque on July 11th at the Guild Cinema from 1-4 p.m., 3405 Central Ave, N.E. Albuquerque. N.M. 87106 Information: Barbara Besser, 505-304-7852. We will be also going out that weekend for a "Star Ship Watch" group encounter. Hope to see many of you there. Please remember to bring a food donation, which I will collect to be then donated to the food bank.

I will be speaking on Sunday, July 19, 2009 - 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon at the Fellowship of Spirit Church, 2009 East 13th Street, in Farmington, New Mexico. Love Donation. Lecture: Preparing for the New Earth, with some of my favorite clips of my filmed encounters. These gathering events/lectures are precious opportunities to reach all of the light workers so they can be united with each other in their respective cities around the country. It is an honor and blessing to meet you all and to feel your love. I know we are creating unity and strength in our Oneness.

The lecture tour is underway now and requires the help of many as there are expenses incurred for securing event locations. These events are well worth the effort and I will continue to travel to as many cities as possible. Please know that I appreciate the support of those who are offering assistance for advertising, setting up the venues and for the contributions to assist with expenses to travel to these cities.

Today is the Summer Solstice. The cosmic energy is shifting in a positive way. Even though the turmoil and confusion of third dimension continues on its journey, we must remain focused on our thoughts of creating the “healed New Earth” as we see the “Old Earth” falling away. This month has required more rest as we still are changing into our light bodies. Please remain patient. The structure of our present earth is changing rapidly especially under the ocean and sea. Continue to listen "within" regarding for your choices, activities and decisions.

Time is speeding up, as we are all feeling it. We are strong in our loving oneness as the higher-dimensional consciousness is merging with our planet as the New Earth arrives. Our awareness is accelerating and an excitement is building within us. New creativity is blossoming on behalf of our efforts as we birth our galactic communities. Many are experiencing greater details in their dream state…remember we are moving out of the dream and into Universal Reality...merging with the Parallel Universe. Take notes when you can remember what you have dreamed.

There are messages within our dreams. Concentrate your energy on the thoughts, emotions, and activities that BRING YOU JOY.

The world of finance is deteriorating, but this is only a sign of the New Beginnings for a healed world where money is not the ruler, nor the inspiration. These times we are now in have a purpose to help us "Grow" into the Beings we came here to be. It is, indeed, challenging for all of us… but we must stand with courage and faith against the institutions, whose agenda is dishonest and threatening. They will not win…these times are a test and a catalyst to move us into a new way of living, thinking, sharing, building, creating, thriving and finding greater joy. This IS the New Earth I am being shown in my visions.

Many of us are feeling a greater inner peace and choosing to quiet our minds from the busy thoughts. Learn to breathe in your desires, and breathe out your fears.

Remember your journey and the promise to be here in these times. It will be a joyous "Celebration" very soon.

Sending you all my love, thanks, prayers and encouragement.


Victoria Liljenquist