Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hold on to Your HIGHER SELF as we stay in the Moment of Transformation

Greetings Beloved Light Workers,

Trusting that each of you are doing your best in navigating through these exciting and also challenging times.

It has been many month since I wrote on this my life has had many demands dealing with
personal family health issues and life changes. I am sure you can relate to the many tests
which are helping our growth and patience.

Presently, I am back in Pagosa Springs, Colorado with my beautiful Family of Light at least
for a few months. It is a blessing to return and I have been called upon to return to be here at this is a good thing. God and Universe and my higher self continue to inspire me to
be at the right place… at the right time.

My assistance to many has been an urgent need...saving a woman from dying after she
had a heart attack while in a bathtub which was filling up and over flowing. Fortunately, I
came to her apartment to bring her some lunch just in time…when I found her unconscious. She was rushed to
the Hospital and stayed for a few days. She is now home but in need of much assistance
as she has no family...I am now needed to step in to care give until we can get her into
Assisted living care. We learn so much as we serve others.

My healing practice is also very busy here in Pagosa, which is a blessing.

In each of your lives, as we view the changes on the planet of the earth, the consciousness,
and humanity's requires absolute focus to hold the light, stay in the moment
and not look too far ahead, as changes are constantly happening before we can make a move,
things change….can you relate?

Even when we feel we are not in control, truly our higher self (God Self) is. We must trust the process
that everything we endure has a reason, a lesson, a karmic completion and is part of
the transformation we agreed to embrace and experience ….and to BE ALIVE HERE, NOW IN THIS INCREDIBLE TIME.

Many people are leaving the planet, those whom we all love such as Robin Williams and others, who have touched the world
and have made us laugh...who have helped us keep our sense of humor. We are grateful for their presence here and send our love
for their journey through the veil.

I have personally lost several close friends, and one just yesterday before I could get to him to do a healing which was requested.
My friend Jim Clark passed of Cancer after a 10 month in Pagosa Springs.

We all have similar challenges…I refer to it as "same tests…different sagas". The same outcome catapults us
to hang in there...even when we feel weary or alone.
This has been a long journey. As we visualize our transformation, trust we are conquering every day
that which we experience, it is our consciousness that shall create our Rainbow of New Beginnings my beloved Family of Light!

Please remember that I send my love to all of you, to our planet, even if you do not hear from
me...I will never forsake my mission of service and devotion to the great unfolding plan as we usher Heaven to Reside with us on this Transformational Earth.

We have many Beloved Masters, Angelic Beings,
and Benevolence Star Family Beings assisting us on this journey.

Keep a log of your dreams as they are very helpful messages to guide you in your day-to-day journey.

We all pray our earth and the consciousness shall be IGNITED WITH ETERNAL LIGHT SOON...
Sending our prayers to all those who are deeply suffering, or losing their lives throughout the planet...
Let us hold them in our hearts sending comfort, resolution, peace, healing and support...and those who are
crossing over… may they find Eternal Life and Peace.

If you are in need of any assistance over the phone, prayers for loved ones or yourself...
please feel free to write to me at

Holding the Vision of Heaven...

With Love, Blessings and Hope

Victoria Liljenquist