Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grand Cross Solar Eclipse and World Puja Interview

Dear Family of Light - Bulletin from Victoria Liljenquist

Remember July 13th - I will be on World Puja with James Gilliland. Listen for free for the first 24 hours.
2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern and 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern

We know that tomorrow is a powerful day. This Solar Eclipse has not happened for 2000 years - "the Grand Cross".

This is brief…BE in your light and soul's Destiny as this is a door way. I am traveling back to Pagosa Springs CO today as I feel I need to be in my heavenly spot for this great event.

Below is a precisely appropriate message from my dear friend in Pagosa who is a world-wide renown astrologer, Julie Loar.

We are in the midst of powerful planetary configurations which have the potential to facilitate global transformation. Tomorrow, at the New Moon, there will a powerful, total eclipse of the Sun visible in the South Pacific. See NASA link below. If you find that your emotional nature is being triggered, try not to blow things out of proportion. (I keep reminding myself of this). Our pain points the way to what needs to be healed and redeemed in our lives. This will pass, and things will even out a bit next week, before the next big fireworks the first week in August. Take time to center yourself and connect to your higher wisdom and the ultimate reality of All That Is. Transformation is an inside job, and as Elizabeth Kubler Ross said in a different context, "It always looks like failure in the middle."

Tuesday, July 13th : Contact Has Begun

2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern
and 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern


Preparing to Travel through the Doorway to the 2nd Earth

Initiate the leap to a higher vibrational evolutionary station as we prepare to travel through the doorway to the 2nd Earth. Understand the process of transformation as we move out of this illusion/dream and into Universal Reality.

VICTORIA'S STORY: Victoria has been a UFO & Angel Contactee, Clairvoyant & Clairaudient Healer for the past 30 years. At the age of 5, Victoria's journey began with Angels as one appeared to her. At that time, she realized her gifts of Intuition, Visions and Prophetic Messages. Victoria's accuracy has proven to be extremely accurate, as she receives information from the Angelic Realms and Benevolent Brotherhood of Space. Her dedication to serve as an Ambassador of the Stars and to assist in uniting humanity again with their Star Families, has been instrumental in "seeing beyond this reality". Victoria's healing practice, music and singing plays a major role in activating personal cellular memory for healing, empowerment, and has been transforming for those who experience Victoria's lectures and personal sessions.

In 1947, Victoria's father had an experience with an Angelic/Biblical looking "Being" in the desert. The Angelic Being rode in the car with her father, indicating many truths of the Universe, and information regarding her Father's personal life. Before the Angelic Being stepped out of the car, he placed his hands on her father and blessed him. He then told him he would have a child who would be contacted to initiate major events in the future around 2000 and on.... The Angelic Being then stepped out of the car, and DEMATERIALIZED BEFORE Victoria's father's eyes.

All of her life, Victoria has encountered Angels, The Masters, Light Beings, as well Light Ships (UFO's) and Heavenly Manifestations. Since 1994, she has captured on video and photography, her incredible journey with the other Dimensions, including spectacular UFO's projecting the ("Sacred Language of Light") holographic pictographs i.e., angels, people, the earth, doves, dolphins, telling 'Earth's" story as well as images resembling the Star Gates. These images are transmitting messages regarding the transformation of humanity. Witnessing the film actually activates cellular memory through the third eye. As the audience personally witnesses these amazing events, they are activated with a New Blueprint Transformation thru their Third Eye. Many have expressed a major impact on their psychic awareness, dreams, energy level, and well-being. Victoria's Film and Photography have been analyzed and accepted by specialists in the paranormal and UFO arena.

In 2005, Victoria produced an Award Winning Documentary Film, "Encounters with Angels, UFO's and Divine Messages" (on DVD). The film was screened at the NY International Independent Film and Video Festivals in Hollywood, CA, 2005; World Premier November, 2005 NYC. A very personal journey where Victoria shares her incredible encounters with UFOs, Light Ships, and Heavenly Non-Earthly Manifestation phenomena captured on live video and her visions pertaining to the 2nd Earth and Universal Peace. Original music performed by Victoria, complimenting this film. Documentary includes the Utah World Winter Olympics UFO Sighting predicted by Victoria which occurred precisely on day/time of a vision originally received by her in 1968.

SHARING THE MESSAGE: Victoria's message is one of positive energy, hope, greater understanding of other dimensions, and what is around us. Although we may not see it with our human eyes, it appears on film. As a "Citizen of the Universe", Victoria's greatest desire is to bring unity among all people to prepare for the Earth Changes, and to expand their view of what is Beyond this Reality. With the voice of an angel and perfectly-pitched tones, Victoria shares her original music which also ushers in contact with the Light Ships and UFO's, and provides healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Telephone and In Person Sessions available to assist you with your journey, transformation, moving through to your higher self's destiny, healing, peace and 2nd confirmation for your inner guidance. Suggested donation according to your situation. Email:

Victoria presently resides in Pagosa Springs, Colorado where she has her healing practice. Her film (Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages) and music (Journey to Empowerment; Sacred Tones) are available on her website:

Presently Victoria is sharing her film in cities across the U.S., along with a special lecture including her latest phenomena on the "Program of Victory" Tour. This event gathers like-minded individuals together to prepare for the transformation of our World and also raises food and donates it to the local food banks.

Victoria has been a Guest Lecturer at the 2008 Exopolitics Conference in Kona, Hawaii, Aztec, NM UFO Conference 2009, and has shared her experiences, film and profound discoveries, as well on International and National TV/Radio programs including: BBC of London Radio; Canada; TV News for Norway; TV Italy; Coast to Coast AM Talk Radio; World Puja Network Radio; "As You Wish" with James Gilliland; "Abundance Alley" with Laurie Carty; "Harbor of Light Ministries" with Jason Shields "Cutting Edge TV"- (Host: Jim Rodger) "UFO AZ TV "- "Off the Record" - (Host : Ted Loman); "Tracie Austin TV Show"- Santa Clarita, CA; "UFO Connection TV" (Host: Cynthia Siegel) - Sacramento, CA; TV Show: "Strange Universe" - Los Angeles, CA.; "Channel 2 - Take 2 "- Salt Lake City, Utah (Host : Rod Decker);" "As You Wish Radio with James Gilliland; "Dave Alan Show" - Monterey, CA ; "Kevin Smith Paranormal Talk Radio" Erskin Late Night" - Phoenix, Arizona; "Seeing Beyond" Radio - Santa Cruz, CA; to name a few.


Much Love to you all,

Victoria Liljenquist
P.O. Box 3836
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147