Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Message from Victoria Liljenquist Dec. 24, 2011 "ETERNAL SUNLIGHT & THANKFULNESS" - Blessings to all...please share


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taken at Victoria's Home in Pagosa
Merkabah Sun…Welcome us HOME

Dear Beloved Family of Light,

Thinking of you all as we move through the
Transformational DOORWAY
December 24th, 2011.

A Brighter Day, a PEACEFUL World

Over the past year, many of us have said "goodbye" to loved ones
who have passed over to the Spirit World.
I have said goodbye to many very precious souls this last year:
November, my mom, and dear friend of many years passed,
and my beloved friends and acquaintances…

We, who stay behind…carry this torch of truth
as Humanity is Re-Birthed into Universal Reality.

As we breathe, we remember our promise to
Initiate great and glorious events of

We are the Children of the Light

WE GREET our Brothers and Sisters of

AS WE VIBRATE WITHIN our Christ Light Consciousness,
We honor those who stand close to us, assisting us on this journey.
Sananda Jesus, our Blessed Mother Ma
St. Germaine, Buddha, Babaji, Kuthumi,
Elmorya, our Arch Angels,
the Brotherhood of Light from our Heavens
CELEBRATING OUR Reunion of Souls.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas
and a Glorious 2012…OUR NEW BEGINNING LIFE CYCLE!!!

Below are the lyrics to a special song
which expresses so Beautifully TO
Remember that we can be Thankful
and create Change!


Recorded/sung by Josh Groban
Composers David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager, Richard Page

Some days we forget to look around us,
Some days we can't see the joy that surrounds us,

We are so caught up inside ourselves,
We take…when we should give,

So for tonight we pray for
what we know CAN BE,

and on this day, we hope for…
what we can still can't see

It's up to US to "BE the CHANGE"
and even though we all can still do more

There's so much to be thankful for…!!

Look beyond ourselves,
there's so much sorrow,
It is way to vain to say…I'll cry tomorrow

Each of us must find our truth…we're so long overdue!

So for tonight, we pray for
what we know can be
and every day we hope for
what we STILL can't see…

It's up to us to BE THE CHANGE
and even though, we all can still do more
there's so much to be thankful for…!!

Even with our differences,
There is a place where we are all connected
Each of us can find each other's LIGHT

So for tonight we pray for
what we know can be
and on this day
we hope for what we can't still see

It's up to us…to BE THE CHANGE
and even though the World can mean so much more


With Love & Gratitude,

Victoria Liljenquist
December 24, 2011

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Victoria's message & SHARING" WAKE UP CALL Message from ST. GERMAINE through Nancy Tate

Dear Family of Light,

As I continue to have my visions and transmissions, I resonnate and concur with the beautiful message which Nancy Tate received from St. Germaine, which I share with you following my personal message.

from Victoria:

Each moment we breath into a new level, vibration, and energy of the world we are merging with. We may feel ourselves a bit wobbley and this shifting of our planet continues to transform. Our emotions are expanding, as they endure the roller
coaster effect, but fear not as great and wondrous events are to unfold. Mary and Jesus appeared again to me on Nov. 18th, 2011 at 4 a.m., and indicated to me that many of us shall be leaving this OLD reality and I asked who? They replied "Star People". Each of us are feeling that great anticipation of change. We now feel complete with our efforts, and feel that a big change is coming, and so welcomed. Our bodies have felt weary at times, and those desires of the Old reality are not what we strive for now. WE ARE READY FOR A HIGHER VIBRATION OF LIFE...AND BASED ON MY VISION OF OCT. 16TH, (READ BELOW ON PAST BLOG VISIONS), I know within my heart we are standing ready to graduate into a GRAND NEW WORLD. I will share more later. Sending you each my love and continued promise to serve this beautiful planet and our family as we see "A NEW DAY DAWNING".


Wake up Call - St. Germain

Dec. 17, 2011
Telepath, Nancy Tate

Nancy Tate writes

Hi Everyone,

I awoke his morning with poetry playing in my mind. It was beautiful, and most welcome, for a heaviness had greeted me many mornings of late. Though I wanted to be able to bring it to you this morning, I could but keep its essence in my heart and relay it to you in this Wake up Call.

As Bob and I were preparing breakfast, with Toshiro supervising the process, I felt this exultation in my throat chakra and wanted to cry out my joy to the world. As breakfast disappeared from our plates, I heard bits and pieces of what was responsible for my joy. I knew that this message was forthcoming, and here it is.



Saint Germain speaks

Wake up Call St. Germain Dec 23, 07

Today is a day of exultation for all of us, as it will be for all of you in a very short time. When I say a very short time I ask that you keep in mind the length of time it has been to come to this juncture, and with that admonition I will continue.

This one awoke today with poetry in her head; she awoke with the exultation that is the result of what she witnessed in her dreamtime. She was in our ship the Phoenix for most of your night and while there she, as were many of you, was able to be a part of the next phase of what is to take place on planet earth.

This next phase shall begin around the turn of the year; it will be of a duration that will supercede the phase that you are leaving as I speak. I Am St. Germain, and I speak now for Hatonn and Sananda as they flank my body and add their energy to this message.

As these days wind down to the last vestiges of the old energy on earth, they also begin to arise in love and in joy. The poetry that Nancy was hearing was from her own higher self Avenda, for the words represent that which is fervent in her heart and soul. They recognize that which she witnessed and that of which she was a part. In the dreamtime she took part in a ceremony that represented the removal of the present regime and the replacement of that regime with one that represents the people not only of the united States of America, but so too the energy of all of the people of the world, for it is based in equality and freedom and is moving forward in the empowerment of all of humanity.

This is no idle announcement of joy; it is a thoroughly backed and prepared announcement that is being offered for all to take part in. It is a collective agreement between all of humanity and all of your family of the cosmos. It is placed in the hands of The Creator, for it was seeded within those hands. It is born of love and carried forth in joy with the blessing of peace throughout the land.

I shall give you an overview of what has taken place and why this one is so ecstatic in this morn. Even she is awaiting this news as excitedly as you are, for she bears only the blessed emotional knowing of what has taken place. I will begin with the knowledge you have of the ideals of the way of life as it has been on planet earth.

Throughout time on earth there has been a steady rise and downfall of the rhythmic waves of life on the planet; it is as an ebb and flow of the love and the fear in manifestation. Over the past few centuries that momentum has steadily risen to a pace that is measurable only in the nuances of energy that is delivered in events to the people.

In the last several decades this momentum has risen to a peak and has all but evened out to a one-liner, as you may think of it. This can be translated as thevibratory rate being so high that it appears not to be moving at all; such is the vibration that was achieved last night. What this means to humanity and all life on earth is that there can never be a return to what was before this happened. There can never be a return to the sacrificial lamb of the way it has been. From this point, humanity is going to awaken and see what is before their eyes. They are going to see what has been taking place in their own backyards and throughout the universe. With this awakening there will be an uprising so powerful and so peacefully carried out that no one will be able to put it down.

There will be a coming event that certain people will attempt to carry out, and this will be the catalyst that will propel the people to the streets and into their regained freedom. They will feel their empowerment rise and be noted and thenthey will walk forward in their own truth and announce their sovereignty once and forever more.

This will be in regard to the event that will take place, the final straw that broke the camel’s back. From that point no one will be able to put down the movement toward peace and freedom and no one who recognizes the truth will want to.

Those who do not at that time see what is taking place for the truth it represents will begin to open their eyes, and will allow the lies they have lived by as truth for all these millennia begin to fall away, to be replaced by the light of their own truth showing them the way to the universal truth that knows nothing other than itself.

These changes will be apparent more to some than to others. It will shine forth in the bunkers and the kitchens, it will be seen in the classrooms and the halls of justice, there will be evidence in the eyes and hearts of people and in the souls and spirit of all of life, for it will glow forth in a way that will be unmistakable to all who see.

What this one witnessed last night was the final outcry of those who would seek to enslave the people and to throw them into bondage from which they could not return. This one saw instead these ones throw down their gauntlet of fear and pick up the cloak of surrender and the cup of forgiveness that we offered unto them for their surrender to the truth of that which thy could no longer pursue.

You see, my dears, what will be represented on the surface of earth will reflect what has taken place here on our ships. Yes, it was beamed from the Phoenix to all of the motherships that are in place in your solar system. It was the result of all the efforts that you have been engaged in and it has come down to this moment of triumph for all of you.

Hold on to that fact, for in the coming days and weeks the truth of what took place here last night will reveal itself in earthly ways and will show all of you the inherent abilities you all have to rise above the ancient knowledge of what came before you arrived on earth and has superceded that karmic tie and rendered it Grace by the Creator Source of All. Yes, you have overcome and gone beyond that ancient legacy and you are bringing the pieces of that legacy together to write a different story for the restoration of this solar system, beginning with this planet earth and all those who walk her hallowed land and live their lives in the promise that lives in the souls of you all.

What you will be seeing happen in your lives in the coming times is the upheavals that will reveal that which has been kept under wraps and hidden from those who turn a blind eye. The truth will be revealed and the result will be an abrupt change in the governing forces and a return to the promises that shaped this country. There will be a steady progression of deeds that will reunite the energies of change with the energies of reformation within. There will be a whole new momentum of events that bring forth the ideas and hopes into manifestation. It is a promise of love and a return to the authority in action that has lain dormant for too long. It begins with these actions and continues its own pace through the coming times.

We realize that you would like details as to what this means. My dear ones, this is a time when events are born of the moment. As we tell you of the energies of what has taken place, we do so with the knowledge that the actual nature of the events and the results thereof, are in the hands of all of you. You, my dear powerful ones will be shaping and forming what takes place as you are committed to the exposure of the truth and the forward moving of the results of that exposure.

There will be no leaf left unturned and no story untold as you create the manner in which the whole story will be told and the players will play out the tale of the ages.Come and dine with us as the curtain winds down and closes the phase of the blind eyes and tweaked tongue, for from this point this day there will be a revelation untold in humanity and untold in the ancient off-planet events that seeded this time of earth. The truth of those times will come forward and the nature of your time on earth will come forward and be lived in its truth for the rest of eternity.

Today marks the last day of having to walk in silence upon this land of truth. Today is the day that we say goodbye to the land of nevermore and hello to the land of always is. We deliver unto you our fondest greetings for a new day and a new way of being. Deep in our hearts a song is singing and it is bubbling to the surface as all of you call it forth. It is the song of freedom and the verse of justice, brought forth in one of the events and results that will come from this momentum of truth that has been created this night. We shall all bloom forth in your newfound abundance and the freedom to use it wisely and in joy with peace in your heart and a song in your soul that springs forth in your step, as you dance through life in the story that you create in love and Light.

Go now into your new life and sing a song of freedom and joy for everyone and evermore.

Thank you dear Master St. Germain,


**********************************Blessings to All, Love, Victoria***********

Monday, December 5, 2011

NEW EARTH - KEPLER 22B DISCOVERED & Personal News from Victoria

Dear Family of Light,

Exciting NEWS: The scientists continue to talkk about this Other Earth which looks like perfect weather all year around. They call it Kepler 22B and thank goodness they are devoting some press on it, as I feel it IS BECOMING PART OF OUR REALITY.
Below also is a you tube from Nasa of a Large Craft flying around Mercury.
Check it out.

Update Sad News: I am sorry I have been out of touch but there have been two great people in my life who passed the last couple of weeks (Helen who was my mom for 34 yrs after my own mother passed, she married my father and then he passed 28 yrs ago.
Also my dear friend Metta passed last week. Ironically, both funerals are
the same day/time in different towns in Utah, so I am traveling. Sending love to you all and thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers. Death is a graduation
but it is just hard for all of us to say "Goodbye for a while". I am so blessed to
have these beautiful ladies touch my life". Many people are leaving the planet right now, special spiritual leaders who have made a great contribution to the our World. I send to all those who are grieving their personal losses, my loving thoughts and prayers...we will see our loved ones and pets again soon.


Contact is before us and each day we feel a little less of this dimension as we are preparing for a greater reality which will bring us endless possibilities, freedom, a new way of living, acknowledging brothers and sisters from other star systems to unite with us. Intergalactic travel is not a dream but coming soon. On my past postings on blog page,you can read of the visions and transmissions I have been receiving over the last few years.

As we stay in a positive place of wonderment, allowing our destiny to unfold, we shall be rewarded for the tedious patience we have endured to now realize our long awaited Contact. Listen within, trust, be the best human and super being you can be
with serving and loving others, and loving yourself too…as peace comes from honoring our inner soul and Divine Light!!

My blessings to you all for a Blessed December 2011. Soon we shall celebrate in a most magnificent way with richness not in the world of money, but unlimited resources of our new reality of abundance, spiritually, physically and infinitely.

Love & blessings, Victoria Liljenquist,

LATEST DISCOVER FROM NASA of a Space Craft hovering by Mercury - YOU TUBE & PHOTOS

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Date: Monday, 5-Dec-2011 06:15:10

This was spotted and uploaded to YT by siniXster on 3 Dec 2011
Enlarged frame, with inverted image.