Monday, October 12, 2009

Preparedness, Contact, Healing Sessions, Upcoming Lecture & Radio Interview Oct 2009

Timely Message Update from Victoria Liljenquist
Oct 12, 2009

Note: Upcoming Events

Items of discussion – skip to the ones that interest you!

A. Timely Message Update
B. Preparedness – Events of October/November - Urgent
C. Chariot of Ezekiel Merkabah Vehicle - Contact & Messages

HEALING & INTUITIVE CONSULTATION Sessions in person or by phone available
A special Discount of $45/hr until Dec. 1st - write to to schedule. If you are needing some GUIDANCE, 2nd confirmation of what you know
in your heart..or healing needs of mind,body,spirit issues...please know I AM HERE FOR YOU.

Program of Victory Tour: will resume setting up dates in the coming due to family member illness.

Wednesday, NOVEMBER 11, 2009 - 6:30- 9:00 p.m

Sacred Language of Light Encounters
Preparing for the New Earth”
11:11 Meditation/Activation - Group Healing

Event Location: Bayfield, Colorado
Pathways Book Store & Healing Center
40031 US Hwy 160 East, Bayfield, CO 81122
Phone: 970-884-4718
$15 by Nov. 1 or $22 at Door

A. Message Update

As the energies are accelerating, we are feeling less present in our physical body. The earth is moving through the plan of transformation, and like unto the gestation of the unborn child, we are required to float within the fluidness of this new birth coming where we will be delivered in the New Reality…for those who are ready to embrace it. CONTACT continues to increase. There are vital processes taking place behind the scenes which will unfold shortly to move us forward into a reality we deserve...desire...and have a divine birthright to embrace.

The most urgent message I have been receiving from the Brotherhood of Light is this:

Preparedness – Events of October- November

1. Prepare yourselves with the necessities you need for you and your family.
We have a rocky ride for a bit of time…better days will come…but for now...
Be Ready for Big Changes for this New Beginning. It is easy to get discouraged and impatient, and we all are going through this…remember, you are not alone. Let go of feeling like the " Victim "and Take Charge of your Life, the best you can, no matter how frustrated you may be feeling.

As I have shared before, THERE ARE GREAT AND POSITIVE CHANGES COMING and we need to stay focused and joyful and be ready for them to unfold. The more negative forces we see...we are balancing out the battery of life on the positive end. As we see these events, this is a sign of HOW CLOSE WE REALLY ARE.

2. Keep plenty of CASH on hand as the banks may be doing something unexpected here SOON…WITHIN THE MONTH OF OCT. It is better to be prepared, just in case. The monetary system will soon be changing out, but until all is place, we must be prepared with CASH.

3. Definitely stock up on your food supply, as the price of food is going to be going UP considerably in the next 2-3 months.

4. Meditate and make a plan for you and your family in the event of some major, inconvenient episodes, i.e. power outages, storms, more economic instability.

5. Trust & Know that major transformation will be arriving …after the “storm”.

Consider where you want to be while we ride out these theses changes.
If you feel guided to relocate…do so As SOON AS Possible. Not all will be able to do this, but let your inner guidance inspire you as to what is right for you. HONOR YOUR NEED TO REST…we are all still feeling increased fatigue at times. KEEP YOUR SPIRITS UP…the best you can.TAKE TI ME TO BE STILL, QUIET AND LISTEN WITHIN.

6. Reach out to others to see how you can them through this transitional time.
We are blessed when we are serving others in need.

C. "Chariot of Ezekiel" Merkabah Vehicle - CONTACT

Increased contact is happening world wide. Over the last few nights, the Diamond Merkabah Ship has been appearing outside my patio just above the water on the lake around 2:00 – 4:00 am. The amazing spoke-like images of this amazing vehicle is IDENTICAL to the Merkabah, I filmed 9 years ago in 2000 on Christmas Eve. I call this Merkabah the "Chariot of Ezekiel". The rapid movement and shape shifting of this Merkabah is transmitting to me that we are moving fast towards this Big shift. I can actually SEE Angelic PEOPLE dressed in white moving inside the Merkabah Vehicle.

This wondrous Encounter is once again revealing many pictographic images. What a beautiful and divine sight to behold. I have felt this encounter was incredibly profound as it has now appeared on Oct 9, 2009 – almost 9 years ago on this coming Christmas and now has continued to appear to me for 9 days.

Ezekiel’s Chariot brings with it many messages for us as our journey unfolds presently. If you wish to see and feel the energy of the Merkabah of Ezekiel Chariot, filmed in 2000 – this is the same image coming to me over the last 9 evenings. Nine (9) represents completion!

View the FOOTAGE OF THIS Chariot of Ezekiel on link on home page for Videos or by clicking on the you tube video below. You will be blessed as it transmits to your third eye as you watch … this glorious Chariot featured
at the last clip of the 4 min video

My blessings, prayers and Heavenly Support to you all,
Victoria Liljenquist

Update Sept 2009

Beloved Light Workers - Beautiful Souls,

What an amazing journey we have all been on for the last few months. I have not been able to write since May, due to many reasons which some of you will relate to.

UPDATE - The Program of Victory Tour - June and July Events went wonderfully and were very successful. I thank all those who were so helpful in many ways during these events.

The tour began in Stockton and Sacramento, CA, where I met some tremendous individuals and dedicated light workers. It was truly a lovely reunion. Many thanks to Marie Wilson and Kent and Renee Miller for helping to organize these events. Thanks to Cynthia Siegel for the gift to lodge at her home.

The event in Mount Shasta did not happen due to Shalomar Productions cancelling the event, which was sad for the many speakers scheduled to present. I believe all is in Divine Order.

The Albuquerque, New Mexico Event was a great gathering of beautiful Beings at the Guild Theater for the film and lecture. Many thanks to Barbara Besser and Ron Sease of the "Phoenix Project" for sponsoring my event in Albuquerque.

My presentation in Farmington, New Mexico was presented to a special group at the Fellowship of Spirit Church - thanks to Randy and Susan Barnes.


As empathic Beings, many of us know and have this gift of feeling all the changes.

I personally experience the WORLD-WIDE Earthquakes and Earth Changes within my body, i.e. dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations. This summer, it has been over the top and very intense physically. Since July 1, our planet has experienced many earth and planetary events such as the eclipses in July and August, plus the Retrograde of 5 planets. "You are nodding your heads right now!"

Because of this gift which can be a challenge…I regret it was necessary for my physical well being to stop my traveling, so I could navigate from my home through these energies. Therefore, the tour will be resumed later in the year.

Also: A Family Illness: My very dear aunt who I love so very much…is like my 2nd mother (after losing both my parents when I was young) is now in the last stages of cancer. This has been my first priority, to spend special time with her, before we say goodbye. I am sure many of you have been experiencing these challenges as well.

Death is just a graduation. Many people have been leaving the planet over the last few months…even the Light Workers, who we have felt would ride this transformation out. But those who have left us are now assisting us from the other side. Their "Earth Suit" just wore out.

Our physical skeletal and muscular adjustments have been most uncomfortable and challenging. Once again, from my telecommunication with the Brotherhood of Light and Angelic Guides has been that we are truly undergoing a major structural, cellular renovation of our physical body….which is now morphing into our LIGHT BODIES. This process is vital and we must ask for assistance from our guides and angels to help us through this transformational process.

There have been profound messages from our dear sister Karen Bishop, whom I respect, support and totally agree with. I appreciate Karen's great ability to write so accurately what we are all feeling. Her message is attached, if you wish to read it.

Many of you may have experienced some dyslexic symptoms which have magnified these past months. I must admit, that has been my challenge in being able to keep up with the emails with you all. I am finding many others have been complaining of this symptom during reading/writing, even speaking.

As we entered into the 9/9/09 energies, a major and positive shift has been felt.

At this point of our journey, our attitude, picture of reality, thoughts, words, actions, emotions, responding - not reacting, are the keys to moving forward into this next chapter of great change for Humanity and how we interact with the Universe and our other Families on the Other Worlds. There is no looking back…only forward. Forgive yourself and others and move into Joy.

Gather together in your communities to support each other as we build a new and healthy Higher Consciousness for our New Earth.

How exciting to see the Newsweek report "Aliens Exist" and Science Illustrated to confirm that the Scientists now believe there are perhaps as many as 22 planets which could support "LIFE". This has been my belief and message for many years, which I have shared on Radio/TV and in my presentations.

World-Wide Sightings with validation from experts and the Media, including China and England, is a strong indication that CONTACT is here and will continue to accelerate.


"Get Ready, it is TIME"…is what I hear 24/7 …"we must live in the moment, exercising the most positive, loving energy possible." We are moving out of time and into Universal Reality. The world that we have known is beginning to fade and a better world is prepared to move into place NOW.

I know many of us receiving these messages… feel like a "broken record" when sharing with other, but it feels truly the TIME is NOW to step through the THIS NEXT THRESHOLD INTO our new Paradigm.


It is my hope that I can resume my tour after my family member makes their transition. Please know how very much I wish to be come to your cities to share the message and to reunite with you all.

Presently, I am staying at home in Pagosa and will be doing more telephone & in person sessions for healing, clearing, transformation, new directions, body work, hypnotherapy, prayer requests, and whatever is necessary to assist those of you in need.

Let's keep that Heaven On Earth energy in our hearts and thoughts.

You Tube Videos: (these always lift our spirits!!!)

1. "Amazing Journey on Film" by Victoria Liljenquist
Link to watch:

(Mother Ship in rainbow diamond colors filmed by Victoria in 2008, the Diamond ship which appears nightly at Victoria's home in Pagosa, Merkabah Star gate photo taken from Live Footage.

2. "Encounters with Angels, UFOs & Divine Messages" (4 min movie trailer)
Live ENCOUNTERS. Film captured and music by Victoria Liljenquist
Link to watch:

With Blessings, Love and Gratitude to you all,

Victoria Liljenquist

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6th, 2009

Greetings Beloved Family of Light,

What an amazing 6 weeks of lots of energy shifting. New empowerment to manifest our desires are surrounding us, so be sure to focus and think only what you wish to create, as it WILL COME TO YOU!

Tomorrow is the full moon and the eclipse, so major feelings are swirling our bodies and emotions. Many are feeling sleepless and the sense of something huge unfolding. The Earth is really in an intense energy pattern, and as I always encourage, get your rest, give in when you need to close your eyes... and let spirit help you.

We are going be seeing major changes in the financial arena soon...and I feel it will be positive, so hang in there. Don't let the thoughts of man get you uptight, trust we are moving through this $ challenge. The good fortune, new job opportunity, or dream you have been carrying is getting lined up...Manifest it now with your clear intention.

This coming weekend I will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico for my event
Film/Lecture to share Encounter with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages and
share the latest information and footage with the good folks of New Mexico.
It is such a blessing to meet the family and unite our hearts for the great events to

I am back in Colorado for a while and will do some short trips for lectures. It is truly
beautiful here, so come visit my little heaven.

More later...

Blessings to all!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beloved Family of Light Workers,

Greetings! June has been an amazing month of meeting the wonderful light workers of Sacramento and Stockton, CA. We had some great crowds at the lecture/film events. Everyone expressed appreciation for the opportunity to meet each other and to witness some amazing footage I filmed in Colorado this year of the Mother Ship and daytime Merkabah Vehicle Encounters.

I sincerely thank Kent and Renee Miller, Merri Anne Messenger, Marie Wilson and Jane Medlin for their efforts in assisting me with the events. Thanks also to Cynthia Siegel for her gracious hospitality and home where I stayed. Thanks also to Jane Medlin and Sherri Wasson for their home and hospitality. Many thanks to those who have donated to assist with the tour. You are truly angels here to assist in the gathering of our family, as our world transforms.

Next month, I will be sharing my film, “Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages”, along with a lecture regarding preparing for the New Earth, and Q&A in Albuquerque on July 11th at the Guild Cinema from 1-4 p.m., 3405 Central Ave, N.E. Albuquerque. N.M. 87106 Information: Barbara Besser, 505-304-7852. We will be also going out that weekend for a "Star Ship Watch" group encounter. Hope to see many of you there. Please remember to bring a food donation, which I will collect to be then donated to the food bank.

I will be speaking on Sunday, July 19, 2009 - 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon at the Fellowship of Spirit Church, 2009 East 13th Street, in Farmington, New Mexico. Love Donation. Lecture: Preparing for the New Earth, with some of my favorite clips of my filmed encounters. These gathering events/lectures are precious opportunities to reach all of the light workers so they can be united with each other in their respective cities around the country. It is an honor and blessing to meet you all and to feel your love. I know we are creating unity and strength in our Oneness.

The lecture tour is underway now and requires the help of many as there are expenses incurred for securing event locations. These events are well worth the effort and I will continue to travel to as many cities as possible. Please know that I appreciate the support of those who are offering assistance for advertising, setting up the venues and for the contributions to assist with expenses to travel to these cities.

Today is the Summer Solstice. The cosmic energy is shifting in a positive way. Even though the turmoil and confusion of third dimension continues on its journey, we must remain focused on our thoughts of creating the “healed New Earth” as we see the “Old Earth” falling away. This month has required more rest as we still are changing into our light bodies. Please remain patient. The structure of our present earth is changing rapidly especially under the ocean and sea. Continue to listen "within" regarding for your choices, activities and decisions.

Time is speeding up, as we are all feeling it. We are strong in our loving oneness as the higher-dimensional consciousness is merging with our planet as the New Earth arrives. Our awareness is accelerating and an excitement is building within us. New creativity is blossoming on behalf of our efforts as we birth our galactic communities. Many are experiencing greater details in their dream state…remember we are moving out of the dream and into Universal Reality...merging with the Parallel Universe. Take notes when you can remember what you have dreamed.

There are messages within our dreams. Concentrate your energy on the thoughts, emotions, and activities that BRING YOU JOY.

The world of finance is deteriorating, but this is only a sign of the New Beginnings for a healed world where money is not the ruler, nor the inspiration. These times we are now in have a purpose to help us "Grow" into the Beings we came here to be. It is, indeed, challenging for all of us… but we must stand with courage and faith against the institutions, whose agenda is dishonest and threatening. They will not win…these times are a test and a catalyst to move us into a new way of living, thinking, sharing, building, creating, thriving and finding greater joy. This IS the New Earth I am being shown in my visions.

Many of us are feeling a greater inner peace and choosing to quiet our minds from the busy thoughts. Learn to breathe in your desires, and breathe out your fears.

Remember your journey and the promise to be here in these times. It will be a joyous "Celebration" very soon.

Sending you all my love, thanks, prayers and encouragement.


Victoria Liljenquist

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beloved Family of Light,

Have been out of touch, moving out of my place for the summer, to travel and lecture,so it has been very intense for me. Please forgive my absence. Also, the Mt Shasta Event has been cancelled, unfortunately. Shalomar worked very dilligently to bring this conference to fruition, but did not get enough ticket sales EARLY, to cover the expenses of putting on this large event. Many of you have written saying you were just getting ready to sign up, but I am sorry it was too late. These are challenging times for all of us, and I send my love to Shalomar for his efforts. I WILL BE CONTINUING MY TOUR IN CALIFORNIA.

Please be patient, as it takes time to get the events set up, and to cover expenses to reserve venue locations. I am being guided to reach as many cities as possible before snow flies.

Please pray for me as this is a huge task and I do not ask for a great deal for admission.

If you feel so inclined to make a donation on this page thru paypal or sending a check by mail,to assist these efforts to bring the family of light together in various cities, I greatly appreciate your support. I am listening to spirit and feel great joy for this journey, as great events unfold for our planet. The Universe is smiling!

Presently, I am in Utah...heading to California next week. Hope to see some of you in Sacramento and Stockton at the events.

One more thing...the fatigue that everyone is feeling is HUGE. I know personally, it has been a tough one...but give yourself time to rest as we are changing from matter into light. This is part of the process for the fatigue.

My love and blessings to you all,

Victoria Liljenquist


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Comments from Listeners to Victoria's Show on Coast to Coast
From Listener: Jerry - Canada

"What a wonderful show you gave us on Coast to Coast A M last night - Please do it again and come back . Your voice is wonderful to hear over the airwaves and I sure hope that you have lectures in Toronto Canada where we Canadians can see you in real. You must really be an Angel and I am glad to have heard you, Victoria.

From Listener: Jerry

Thank you, you are the real deal, not that I am such an expert, but I've had several experiences myself in the past. My intuition since then rejects so many of the ET channelers-contacts, representatives-advocates, etc. out there. From you, I get a strong integrated vibe, so well done for maintaining some integrity in a devious, wacky, woo-woo world. I'll refer others who might be interested in your work.

From Listener: Gary Larrabee -

"Thank you for sharing your heart on Coast to Coast....and thank you for sharing what the Lord had you sharing in fulfilling your mission on planet earth. In 1980 I was told that God was bringing people together from around the world to fulfill the greatest prophecy in the Bible and there was no one who understood this prophecy correctly. I then ask the Lord to teach me as i set aside all that I thought I knew. It was a great pleasure to hear from a messenger from God on assignment."
God Bless you,
Gary Larrabee

From Listener Debra Winter:

"Your interview on Coast to Coast last night was wonderful!...I'm simply stunned at the timing of finding out about you!! It was a great time listening to you! What you shared about fear...I never stopped to think about how 'they' use fear to control us to keep us from knowing who we are and what we came here for.....I'm choosing NOT to give into that game ANYMORE! I'm going to start looking UP and EXPECTING to see great and glorious things."
Comments on "Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages"
44 min Film on DVD by Victoria Liljenquist

Message from Dave Gillham chair Founder of the Cornwall U.F.O.
Research Group based in Truro Uk.

Just received your DVD, I have viewed the DVD 4 times. Your DVD sightings were mind blowing awesome and sent tingles down my spine it was awesome also I had a very warm
glowing feeling, I find that when I talk too people about ufos I get very hot. Although I have seen many ufos over the years only a few weeks ago I witnessed with 6 other people 6 very bright deep red lights/orbs coming out off the sea, if this was not enough we then witnessed another 20 red lights/ orbs come out off the sea.

Keep up the good work we are ambassadors for the light beings.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Program of Victory Tour 2009

Events with Victoria Liljenquist. The "Program of Victory" tour will continue through the year as I have found it is important to allow some time between cities for private sessions with those desiring to have one. Therefore, the cities listed below with TBA are hopeful event cities.
It takes a tremendous amount of time to set up the event and expenses, so I am pacing myself.
My deep desire to reach all of our family is very strong and I shall do my best to get to your city.
Your donations are helpful in this process as I do not have a committe or assistants to help me,
unless you wonderful lightworkers write and volunteer.

Event will include:
Showing the Award Winning Film: "Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages"
with a short lecture "Preparing for the New Earth", sharing the latest daytime encounters,studying more pictographic messages which have appeared within live footage of Victoria's encounters. There are special messages pertaining to our Earth's transformation which are being transmitted from the film and from Victoria's visions. An experience you will love and be filled with hope and greater peace of the events of our planet unfold.
Please bring a food donation for the needy at all the events.
Victoria will donate them to the local food bank.

A modest ticket price will vary at different venues
depending on the expenses of the Venue Location.

Private sessions available in each city with
Victoria for healing, intuitive consultation and more!
Call 602-361-1668 for more information.

June- Stockton, CA - We had a huge success and wonderful reunion of lightworkers!
Thursday, June 4, 2009
Screening of Film: Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages and
& Preparing for the New Earth Lecture with Q&A with Victoria - 7-10 p.m - $10 and a food donation for needy
San Joaquin Delta College
5151 Pacific Avenue
Room: (North Forum), Stockton, CA 95207

Sacramento, CA - we had a wonderful group at Marie Wilson's with amazing energy! connections. June 5, 2009


Albuquerque, NM July 11, 20009 1-4 p.m.

Film - Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages with Lecture, Q&A

"Preparing for the New Earth" with Q & A with Victoria Liljenquist
Saturday, July 11, 2009 1:00- 4:00 p.m. - $10 and food donation for the needy
Guild Theater, 3405 Central Ave, N.E. Albuquerque. N.M. 87106
Tickets – Call (505) 255.1848
Private sessions available with Victoria
in Albuquerque July 9-12th.
Call 602-361-1668 to schedule.

Farmington, New Mexico
Sunday, July 19, 2009 - 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.
Fellowship of Spirit Church,
2009 East 13th Street, Farmington, NM
Private Sessions available with Victoria
Monday, July 20 - call 602-361-1668

Santa Fe - (TBA)

Crestone (TBA)

Denver (TBA)

Missouri (TBA)

Oklahoma (TBA)

Illinois (TBA)

Minnesota (TBA)

North Carolina (TBA)

Virginia (TBA)

Phoenix (TBA)

Salt Lake City (TBA)


Spirit has guided that I ask for your prayers and support. It is time for the PROGRAM of VICTORY to be initiated. Please allow spirit to touch you with the truth. Daily sightings, contact encounters are occurring rapidly. Over the years, I have done my very best to assist the masses. At this most delicate time for the planet, in order to fulfill the request from the Brotherhood of Light, the Angels and from Heaven, I now ask for your support for the Program of Victory Gatherings in cities throughout the U.S.

Many of you are writing and asking me to come to your city. I will do all that I can to reach your areas before October. If anyone wants to assist with suggested venue locations, networking, or to help with the organization of the Events in your city, please contact me at

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Victoria's New Live Footage of Mothership & Radio Shows

Amazing Journey on Film by Victoria Liljenquist - New You Tube - Live footage & Music Motherships, Merkabah Vehicles, Heavenly Music to uplift your hearts! Enjoy

Radio Show Interview

I will be doing a radio show on Sunday, May 10th, 2009 at 11:30am Eastern Time
with Eye Ashtar Command Radio with Cmdr. Aleon. Link:
The number to call is 1-860-685-7700 Studio line.

Lectures, You Tube Video and Message Update

Bulletin!!….Join Victoria at Mt Shasta UFO, Ancient Mysteries & Beyond Conference June 12-14, 2009 - register Now for $125 for ALL 3 Days - amazing price! If two or more are purchased the price is $100 each. Daily tickets are $50. Link: - see attached poster - lecture topic with Victoria

Dear Family of Light,

Greetings from Victoria Liljenquist

My greetings and love reaches out to you. Events are moving so quickly for the planet as you all can feel. We are all feeling tremendous changes in our bodies, roller coaster emotions, a shift energetically and ethereally within us. Many are overwhelmed with making the smallest decision, or exhausted from the waves of fatigue, nausea, dizziness, or other body pains.

There are many people leaving the planet right now, because they perhaps their body is worn down and the vibration of our Earth is becoming so intense, many cannot thrive staying here through the shift. Only those embracing the Highest Thought Forms and raising their Vibrational Energy will be able to withstand the Magnified Light coming to the Planet NOW.

I feel truly blessed with the transmissions and messages I receive from the Holy Spirit, from the Angels, and from my family of the other worlds.

Those messages are:

We are at a PINNACLE POINT NOW when the Earth Changes are going to be intensifying. I am not telling everyone to move…but I say unto you… please listen to the still small voice within you…which is guiding you everyday.

If you have the thought, "oh, maybe my life is not working too well in this city because spirit is trying to get my attention to make a change."

With the challenges of the financial world, our security, homes, jobs, life has felt as we are in a tumbler as we experience the Earth Wobble. We are the crystals, being tumbled and polished. Our Crystalline Structure is being shattered, so we can grow into the Light Beings that we are destined to BECOME.

Like you all, I am challenged just to keep up with the tasks which I am guided to do on behalf of humanity. But because of the visions I have received and the amazing journey I have traveled on for so many years, this has given me the strength to endure these tests.

Here is Pagosa Springs, CO I found bliss and peacefulness like never before. We have a marvelous community of loving, higher conscious Beings and this is a safe haven. There are other places you may be drawn to. I can honestly say this area is a major CONTACT location with the POSITVELY BENEVOLENT SHIPS coming in and out daily. They are VERY CLOSE as you will see in my footage shown at my events.

I encourage you all to decide where you want to ride this next WAVE out as we move into the 2nd Earth. Trust, listen within and allow your picture of reality to be one of New Beginnings, one of Universal Peace and create that space around you in a vortex of light. On March 20th, 2009, the New Heaven and New Earth began the merging process as is spoken of in the Bible in Revelations Chapters 21 and 22. ("and then I saw a new heaven and a new Earth; for the first heaven and the first Earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.")

As you will see on the YouTube Videos I have prepared, links below, I explain how the New Earth was shown to me in my Visions. I hope you will watch the videos- you will feel the truth of what I share from my deepest sincerity.

WE ARE MOVING NOW INTO THE NEXT PHASE OF SHIFTING ENERGIES which will become more intensified as September/October arrive.

The scientists have announced on the internet that they actually discovered 5 planets which could have life….like our EARTH. I know within my spirit, that this is correct. My YOU TUBE videos express more clearly my thoughts on this.

I have been shown….this earth is GETTING READY to DO something it has never done before….a GRAND INITIATION OF MERGING WITH HIGHER REALMS AND DIMENSIONS. Many of us are here to hold this light and vibration while we anchor the ARRIVAL OF OUR NEW 2ND EARTH INTO to merge with us. Then, there will be a collectiveness will move on in our New EARTH SHIP…and the old will go through more of a major cleansing. I cannot deny my visions and I would lay my life on its accuracy.

UPCOMING PLAN - PROGRAM OF VICTORY, THE GATHERING OF US ALL together in cities throughout the U.S. Film/Lecture Event with Victoria.

This summer, I am going to be on a pilgrim journey…putting eveyrthing in storage, I will be on the road a great deal of the coming months… my journey is to come to your cities so we can connect all of you together in your city, to prepare and become strong to help each other in the days to come.

My hope is first to visit as many cities as possible beginning with:

The Plan: TBA - Will get back to you on dates/cities.

I am guided to present my film and a lecture in the following cities in June and maybe into July: Northern, Central and Southern California and perhaps if possible in Ashland, Portland, Oregon.

In July, I hope to be in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma and hopefully the East Coast in August. The schedule of dates/cities will be sent out as soon as we have them set up. If anyone wants to assist in these cities, please contact me.

Spirit has guided that I ask for your prayers and support…Below are 5 youtube videos with my messages. It is time for the PROGRAM of VICTORY to be initiated. Please allow spirit to touch you with the truth. Daily sightings, contact encounters are occurring rapidly. Over the years, I have done my best to assist the masses, but at this time, in order to fulfill the request from the Brotherhood of Light, Angels and Heaven, I now ask for your support in organizing the Program of Victory Gatherings in cities throughout the U.S.

Encounters with Angels, UFOs & Divine Messages (4min movie trailer of a full length 44 min) Award Winning Film on DVD (film captured and music by Victoria Liljenquist)

Heavenly Galactic Contact Part 1of 2 9:38 min
Victoria Liljenquist Lecture clips 2008
Hawaii Exopolitics Conference

Heavenly Galactic Contact Part 2 of 2 9:36 min
Victoria Liljenquist Lecture clips
2008 Hawaii Exopolitics Conference

Preparing for the New Earth with Victoria Liljenquist Part 1 of 2 – 10 min
Upcoming Mt Shasta Conference &
Victoria traveling to cities Program of Victory Events

Preparing for the New Earth with Victoria Liljenquist Part 2 of 2 – 4:01min

Spirit has given me a window in which I must complete this task… (during June, July and August) I have been requested by the Heavens, to travel to as many cities as possible to share my film:

"Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages"… following with a lecture where I will be sharing the latest encounters and vital messages.

There is an urgency to initiate this Program of Victory (the gathering of the Family together) as quickly as possible as time is of the essence. I will be sharing new footage of my daytime encounters with Ships within 1/4 mile from me, along with live footage a mothership with all the blinking lights which stretches far across the sky. Messages and visions given to me pertaining to the changes coming and the upcoming arrival of our New 2nd Earth will be shared.

In lieu of covering the expenses of venue location and advertising, these event gatherings will ask for a modest entrance fee, along with a food donation for the needy in your individual cities.

Many of you may know, I am a therapist and healer of 30 years. I live very modestly and produced my award winning film with donations from Angel Friends. I now ask all of you for your prayers, assistance…. and contributions if you feel so inspired….as this is a great task to carry out in such a short time. These events are for the benefit of all as we prepare for the RAPID changes.

Those of you in these cities across the U.S. …IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ASSIST by hosting an event, HELPING FIND An Auditorium or building on a Campus for an event with a modest rental fee, wish to help with P.R. or would like to contribute to the travel expenses of this Program of Victory Event, I thank you from the depth of my heart, as this journey is a blessing and honor to carry out.

Email Victoria at with your desired participation and contact information.

How you can help?

Thank you for your presence on this planet. Yours in Service as we usher in the New Earth.

Love and Blessings,

Victoria Liljenquist

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Thank you for your interest to contribute to the mission that Victoria Liljenquist has been dedicated to since 1994… in reaching out to the masses, assisting the consciousness of Humanity to expand their vision to better understand "Contact" with our Families of Other Worlds. Heaven is coming to Earth and it is our responsibility to prepare our hearts for this transformation. Great events are taking place and it is TIME TO GATHER THE FAMILY OF LIGHT TOGETHER throughout the U.S. and the world.

Victoria has been guided to travel to as many cities as possible from June 2009 - Sept. 2009. An event in your city will to show the Award Winning Film, "Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages" along with a mini-lecture to share the latest visions, messages regarding our Earth Changes.

Food donations for the less fortunate are always collected at Victoria's Events with a modest ticket price and donated to local organizations of the Venue City.

Your kind donation is greatly appreciated and will assist in the expenses for Victoria to carry across the country, a message of Universal Peace, Contact, to help organize Preparedness in the communities and Cities of Light. Victoria will share her beautiful healing music, and inspiring film to prepare our hearts as we usher in the 2nd Earth… soon arriving.

Thank you so much and may the joys of Heaven shine upon each of you.

Victoria Liljenquist

Donations made by using paypal:

Donations sent by snail mail: make check payable to: Victoria Liljenquist

Victoria Liljenquist
P.O. Box 3836
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147