Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welcoming our New Reality - Update from Conference - Sharing Astrogical Forecast

Greetings Beloved Family of Light, So much to share and I apologize for being out of touch, but I am sure each of you are all feeling the tremendous movement upon our planet and our reality changing at this time. Update: The Transformation Conference at Eceti with James Gilliland was truly a special and uplifting experience to gather with so many wonderful souls! It was a great honor to be the opening speaker and share my special encounter footage which mesmerized the group. Amazing energies, messages, and sharing moved our group to another level of light and inner peace. Following the conference, I have been on the road pretty much the entire summer sharing the gift of healing that flows from my hands, touching individuals in Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Utah. There is a knowing and a remembering, within each of us, of all that light we are to initiate upon this planet as we usher in OUR NEW REALITY. Many are experiencing a heightened level of their psychic gifts and intuition, the gift of manifesting merely through thought. Keep in mind that at this time, it is absolutely necessary to STAY IN THE BLISS, LIVE IT...we are the only one who holds ourselves back from creating that HEAVEN ON EARTH which we are claiming now to be the World we know our Destiny, and the Great Plan for our soul's next evolutionary station. Dreams are getting more vivid and always remember to pay attention to the messages that are presented to you in your nightscapes of dreamland, for our dreams are really sneak previews of events to come to pass, very shortly. Radio Show Interview with Victoria - You can go to this site to listen in to the show's archives for August 11, 2013 with Tom Kappenman I am back in Salt Lake City now and available to assist those needing any consultation sessions or my donation of prayer healing for loved ones in need. The rapid process of our Earth is at a key place for our leap through the dimensional doorway as we move into our Universal Reality as Divine Light Beings. A dear friend, Jon, sent the FORECAST below and I feel it is worthwhile to share with you all. You will enjoy it! Please know that you are All in my thoughts. I may not be able to always write on this blog page, as I am in the flow of the Divine Light of just Being every day and not engaging in so much of the 3rd Dimension. The more we live that new energy, it gets so much easier to dance in this light to live our dreams and aspirations. Each of you are receiving on your own guidance. It is always a pleasure to compare notes of how we are each feeling. Remember: We are moving out of Matter and into LIGHT!! Many blessings and much love to you all. Victoria Liljenquist ********************* Great Astrological Forecast - You will love this! JUPITER IN CANCER SQUARE URANUS Rx in SQUARE URANUS Rx in ARIES = POTENT ARIES = POTENT CATALYTIC ENERGY CATALYTIC ENERGY Submitted by FatherMotherGod... on Wed, 08/14/2013 - 08:40 JUPITER IN CANCER ~ Salvador Russo Jupiter in Cancer now forms an active square to Uranus Rx in Aries! This rare and powerful planetary alignment has not graced our skies since September of 1930 when a series of unexpected revolutionary events were sweeping across the globe. The same will hold true in these times as these energies will again catalyze unexpected revolutionary change in our lives and in our planet. Unless you are in your 80's you have never consciously experienced what is about to occur in our very near future! Expect the following types of synchronous events to occur at large in our world: the sudden overthrow of regimes, dramatic shifts of political power, sudden military escalations, unprecedented scientific breakthroughs, powerful new national support programs and initiatives, dramatic legal revisions, unprecedented forms of coordinated international social activism, powerful protests that change the future, sudden removals of corrupt leadership, benevolent reformations of societies, peerages, and associations, paradigm-shifting discoveries from the past, social justice, and brilliant sparks of innovation. Expect the following types of synchronous events to occur within our personal lives: the unexpected receipt of tremendous security, wealth, wisdom, enhancement, promotion, and opportunity; epiphanies, revolutionary perspectives that instantly transform the future, blasts from the past, sudden and favorable relocation, domestic blessings of every form and magnitude, legal breakthroughs, radical relationship changes, lightning fast miracles, enlightening brushes with genius, family revolutions, astonishing mental activations, and guarantees of future bliss. Being that this is such a rare alignment with such powerfully catalytic energies involved it is vital that we live in a state of peace, higher awareness, and that we seize the good grace that will soon manifest without hesitation. It has been nearly 83 years since an alignment of this kind! It is designed to create instantaneous quantum leaps in our lives and trajectories into the future. Be prepared for Divine shock and awe! Liberty, abundance, justice, joy, peace, and promise will be flashing into and rippling throughout all of our lives through August 30th! Only God knows the outcomes of these events. He is about to reset the Order of Life through this precise alignment. We will all soon be reconnected with one another in surprise and marvelous fashion that only our loving Creator could author and that serves the highest interests of our race, planet, and future. Not one living soul is exempt and the Law of Polarity will determine how sweet or sour these events are for each of us. The cosmos is objective, lawful, and orderly. Our vibration determines what we receive from the universe. Watch how the chips fall to see this law in action. Grace soon comes at lightning speed, to give us more than what we need. Angels know the time and plan, to execute His will so grand. Men will spin with awe and shock, a rare time comes on cosmic clock. With crisis for the darkest hearts, while those with love will have fresh starts. Cornerstones from Heaven come, the devils have nowhere to run. Don’t think to take my words in stride, you know I’m not allowed to lie. Rapture comes beneath this square, and now for you I have a dare: I dare you to run with God’s gift. Enjoy, Astrologer Salvador Russo **************************** Be Well my Beloved family of Light! Victoria