Sunday, June 9, 2013

Upcoming Transformation Conference and Skype Interview with Victoria Liljenquist and James Gilliland

Dear Family of Light,

Greetings from Victoria Liljenquist

1. Interview Link to listen for Free - James and Victoria

2. Upcoming Conference June 28, 28, 29, July 1 at Eceti Ranch

3. Go to my May 1 Blog to read about my Visitation from Jesus April 27, 2013

1. Sharing the skype interview with Victoria Liljenquist and James Gilliland on June 3 discussing the current acceleration of our Planet's changes, the upcoming conference at Eceti and a message of Hope as Great Events unfold! It is easy to listen in on this link for Free on your computer.

We are very excited about the upcoming conference at the Eceti Ranch.

Skype Interview Link:   Listen for free on this link.

2. Tranformation Conference

Victoria will be lecturing at a special Weekend Event with James Gilliland June 28, 28, 30, July 1.

If you wish to attend, please contact Nate email: ECETI Ranch

A private invitation event of amazing phenomena.

Visit link below to reserve your space.

Beloved Family,  as the events are unfolding so quickly for the planet...REMEMBER to  Hold the Space and Intention so that we may NOW usher Humanity through the Doorway into the Fullness of that Heaven on Earth.

Each of us are living that Heaven from within, but we are ready now to assist our Brothers and Sisters to awaken so we can be Fully Present in our New Reality of our 2nd Earth Birthing now.

Many Blessings to you all.  Hope to see you at the conference.

Victoria Liljenquist


A profound and uplifting Journey with Victoria Liljenquist

Divine Messages and Visions of the 2nd Earth Spectacular Live Footage of Encounters with:

Other Dimensions, Diamond Ships, Merkabah Light Ships,  AND Motherships.
Your Third Eye is activated as you witness
the "SACRED LANGUAGE OF LIGHT" on film…The Chariot of Ezekiel


Music and Tones from the Heavens thru Victoria's Voice

Audience Participation * Group Healing Experience, Q & A

DVDs and CD’s Available (special price @Conference)

Victoria Liljenquist, International TV/Radio, Guest Lecturer, Film Producer, Recording Artist,
Contactee, Visionary, 33 yrs as Clinical Therapist and Healer  will be in the Portland area
June 20 - July 1 and available for private sessions.  (Conference at Trout Lake June 28-July1)

JULY 1 – 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Victoria will be offering  at the Conference
Private Consultation/Healing Sessions
(30 min/ $30 * 60 Min/ $60) - Cash/Check

Please call Victoria to pre-schedule for Monday: cell: 602-361-1668

Also Telephone Consultation/Healing Sessions are available throughout the year.