Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grand Cross Solar Eclipse and World Puja Interview

Dear Family of Light - Bulletin from Victoria Liljenquist

Remember July 13th - I will be on World Puja with James Gilliland. Listen for free for the first 24 hours.
2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern and 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern

We know that tomorrow is a powerful day. This Solar Eclipse has not happened for 2000 years - "the Grand Cross".

This is brief…BE in your light and soul's Destiny as this is a door way. I am traveling back to Pagosa Springs CO today as I feel I need to be in my heavenly spot for this great event.

Below is a precisely appropriate message from my dear friend in Pagosa who is a world-wide renown astrologer, Julie Loar.

We are in the midst of powerful planetary configurations which have the potential to facilitate global transformation. Tomorrow, at the New Moon, there will a powerful, total eclipse of the Sun visible in the South Pacific. See NASA link below. If you find that your emotional nature is being triggered, try not to blow things out of proportion. (I keep reminding myself of this). Our pain points the way to what needs to be healed and redeemed in our lives. This will pass, and things will even out a bit next week, before the next big fireworks the first week in August. Take time to center yourself and connect to your higher wisdom and the ultimate reality of All That Is. Transformation is an inside job, and as Elizabeth Kubler Ross said in a different context, "It always looks like failure in the middle."

Tuesday, July 13th : Contact Has Begun

2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern
and 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern


Preparing to Travel through the Doorway to the 2nd Earth

Initiate the leap to a higher vibrational evolutionary station as we prepare to travel through the doorway to the 2nd Earth. Understand the process of transformation as we move out of this illusion/dream and into Universal Reality.

VICTORIA'S STORY: Victoria has been a UFO & Angel Contactee, Clairvoyant & Clairaudient Healer for the past 30 years. At the age of 5, Victoria's journey began with Angels as one appeared to her. At that time, she realized her gifts of Intuition, Visions and Prophetic Messages. Victoria's accuracy has proven to be extremely accurate, as she receives information from the Angelic Realms and Benevolent Brotherhood of Space. Her dedication to serve as an Ambassador of the Stars and to assist in uniting humanity again with their Star Families, has been instrumental in "seeing beyond this reality". Victoria's healing practice, music and singing plays a major role in activating personal cellular memory for healing, empowerment, and has been transforming for those who experience Victoria's lectures and personal sessions.

In 1947, Victoria's father had an experience with an Angelic/Biblical looking "Being" in the desert. The Angelic Being rode in the car with her father, indicating many truths of the Universe, and information regarding her Father's personal life. Before the Angelic Being stepped out of the car, he placed his hands on her father and blessed him. He then told him he would have a child who would be contacted to initiate major events in the future around 2000 and on.... The Angelic Being then stepped out of the car, and DEMATERIALIZED BEFORE Victoria's father's eyes.

All of her life, Victoria has encountered Angels, The Masters, Light Beings, as well Light Ships (UFO's) and Heavenly Manifestations. Since 1994, she has captured on video and photography, her incredible journey with the other Dimensions, including spectacular UFO's projecting the ("Sacred Language of Light") holographic pictographs i.e., angels, people, the earth, doves, dolphins, telling 'Earth's" story as well as images resembling the Star Gates. These images are transmitting messages regarding the transformation of humanity. Witnessing the film actually activates cellular memory through the third eye. As the audience personally witnesses these amazing events, they are activated with a New Blueprint Transformation thru their Third Eye. Many have expressed a major impact on their psychic awareness, dreams, energy level, and well-being. Victoria's Film and Photography have been analyzed and accepted by specialists in the paranormal and UFO arena.

In 2005, Victoria produced an Award Winning Documentary Film, "Encounters with Angels, UFO's and Divine Messages" (on DVD). The film was screened at the NY International Independent Film and Video Festivals in Hollywood, CA, 2005; World Premier November, 2005 NYC. A very personal journey where Victoria shares her incredible encounters with UFOs, Light Ships, and Heavenly Non-Earthly Manifestation phenomena captured on live video and her visions pertaining to the 2nd Earth and Universal Peace. Original music performed by Victoria, complimenting this film. Documentary includes the Utah World Winter Olympics UFO Sighting predicted by Victoria which occurred precisely on day/time of a vision originally received by her in 1968.

SHARING THE MESSAGE: Victoria's message is one of positive energy, hope, greater understanding of other dimensions, and what is around us. Although we may not see it with our human eyes, it appears on film. As a "Citizen of the Universe", Victoria's greatest desire is to bring unity among all people to prepare for the Earth Changes, and to expand their view of what is Beyond this Reality. With the voice of an angel and perfectly-pitched tones, Victoria shares her original music which also ushers in contact with the Light Ships and UFO's, and provides healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Telephone and In Person Sessions available to assist you with your journey, transformation, moving through to your higher self's destiny, healing, peace and 2nd confirmation for your inner guidance. Suggested donation according to your situation. Email:

Victoria presently resides in Pagosa Springs, Colorado where she has her healing practice. Her film (Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages) and music (Journey to Empowerment; Sacred Tones) are available on her website:

Presently Victoria is sharing her film in cities across the U.S., along with a special lecture including her latest phenomena on the "Program of Victory" Tour. This event gathers like-minded individuals together to prepare for the transformation of our World and also raises food and donates it to the local food banks.

Victoria has been a Guest Lecturer at the 2008 Exopolitics Conference in Kona, Hawaii, Aztec, NM UFO Conference 2009, and has shared her experiences, film and profound discoveries, as well on International and National TV/Radio programs including: BBC of London Radio; Canada; TV News for Norway; TV Italy; Coast to Coast AM Talk Radio; World Puja Network Radio; "As You Wish" with James Gilliland; "Abundance Alley" with Laurie Carty; "Harbor of Light Ministries" with Jason Shields "Cutting Edge TV"- (Host: Jim Rodger) "UFO AZ TV "- "Off the Record" - (Host : Ted Loman); "Tracie Austin TV Show"- Santa Clarita, CA; "UFO Connection TV" (Host: Cynthia Siegel) - Sacramento, CA; TV Show: "Strange Universe" - Los Angeles, CA.; "Channel 2 - Take 2 "- Salt Lake City, Utah (Host : Rod Decker);" "As You Wish Radio with James Gilliland; "Dave Alan Show" - Monterey, CA ; "Kevin Smith Paranormal Talk Radio" Erskin Late Night" - Phoenix, Arizona; "Seeing Beyond" Radio - Santa Cruz, CA; to name a few.


Much Love to you all,

Victoria Liljenquist
P.O. Box 3836
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beloved Family of Light,
Greetings from Victoria Liljenquist

P. O. Box 3836
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Amazing energy on Saturday - June 26, 2010 and the Grand Cross Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse
If you have not seen the youtube, please listen, watch, and participate in the beautiful and powerful invocation for the Lunar Eclipse/Grand Cross celebration, from The Children of the Sun Foundation. (tried to get this blog up yesterday but computer went crazy on me..

July 13, 2010 - James Gilliland will be interviewing Victoria Liljenquist on World Puja Radio - Listen for free during the first 24 hours on July 13th. "Preparing to travel through the Doorway to the 2nd Earth"

Table of Contents for Message

1. Special Messages & Transmission from Victoria (our vibration, destination)
2. Tuella's book: Project World Evacuation,the NEW EARTH, other home planets
3. View Mothership Youtube by Victoria Liljenquist
4. Lyrics to songs to help us move through this graduation
5. Additional wonderful and beautiful youtube meditations
6. Healing & Intuitive Phone sessions with Victoria

***(For those curious…last night…I went to the ER with major heart/chest pain and possible blood clots…many tests… a big cosmic puzzle. I know that the bizarre body stuff for myself from the last 3 months, as well as for most of you, IS "essential" for the transformation of our earth suit vehicle, so we can now begin the Teleporting transport)

1. Special Message from Victoria & Messages transmitted
from the Brotherhood of Light on the Merkabah Light Ships

Each of us are feeling the Huge Wave of change coming over us. A feeling of running out of gas…but not having the energy to fill the tank… needing to just BE….be in the love, the peace, to resolve, to trust, to have faith, feel the graduation coming, forgiveness for what we could not change to FIX THIS EARTH. Over the last few weeks, the Brotherhood of Light on the ships has transmitted to me that "it is not our task to fix anything" at this point.


2. (Project World Evacuation Book by Tuella. 1993) you can download it from Website….Helpful for all to read. Beloved Tuella transmitted from the Ashtar Command in the 1990's, that we will be lifted into light beams and taken up onto the Motherships,(I believe many of us will then transplant onto the 2nd Earth, some will reside on the many Motherships to teach those coming aboard who will need more education to move to the next level of enlightenment… and many others will be transported to their respective planets.. ALL OF US will be CONTINUING OUR MISSIONS.) Some may not be able to beam up because of their thought forms and low vibration...some earth body vehicles may be too weak but their consciousness will go to their planned destination.

Based on the vibrational body and thoughts we each have …This is our key to transporting to the New Earth, or the Motherships, or even to the other planets where our missions WILL CONTINUE.

NOTE: National Geographic article: The New Earths (Older issue)
scientists have found 22 planets which could support life!

3. I have filmed a mothership with rainbow diamond colors which spans hundreds of miles and it will be transporting many to their respective planets. Please watch and share with others… as the Merkabah Transporters and my song transmitted to my by the ships…"Heavenly Exodus" will lift you up with an inner peace, remembering and knowing we are to REJOICE NOW. Even if you have seen it before… please watch again.


(You can also view other videos with more footage and messages from my youtube channel as tools to assist you)

These final stages of earth tragedies are part of the plan to help us to remember the solutions so we can take those to the New Earth which is already prepared and waiting for us to cultivate and nurture, and not to make the same mistakes upon it. The brotherhood transmitted that they have already been transporting the wildlife, sea life, to the 2nd Earth, especially those from the Gulf. They are waiting for us. Our Pets will be going also. The dreams and visions we are working on…can be put into fruition, once we have been transplanted on to the New Earth. The New Earth will look like the maps inspired by Lori Toye (IAM America Map) and Gordon Michael Scallion map of the New Earth. This does not mean that everything sunk on this earth which is shown on the maps, but rather what you see on the map is what has ascended onto the 2nd earth as new land formations.

We have been living in a dream (playing roles in this play…which we are in) but the outcome has already been written for the UNIVERSAL REALITY we are ready now to move into fully.

The Earth is winding down for the count my beloved ones, just as our physical bodies are feeling the same winding down low energy.

REJOICE!!! As the New Earth is ready for us now to completely walk through the threshold to the life, the world which is our birth right... The New Earth that is waiting for us and is everything we have loved about this earth, yet is so pristine, pure and clean.

When you awake into the New Earth, you will not remember the pain we left behind, the oil, the crime, the bad guys, but will open the curtains and say "ahhhh …what a wonderful world"… Remember the old movie, "It's a Wonderful Life"? with Jimmy Stewart - he was in a dream of the chaotic world and then awakened to new blessings and resolutions".

Then there is the movie "Lost Horizon" - Older film from 1970's…a group of travelers are hijacked to the land of Shangri-La and those who found it truly blissful, RELEASED THE LIFE WHICH WAS NOT WORKING back in their old home. A few of the group chose to stay and create their dreams in Shangri-La. One character was determined to return to the old life, because of his attachments to money and fame…he was lost in an avalanche on his trek back to the plane.

LET GO NOW, MY BELOVED ONES….let go of the attachments, the tasks, the busy life, the taxes, the bills, the broken dreams….they are now falling behind us …as in the bible for those leaving Sodom and Gomorrah not look back or you will turn to salt….or you might be left behind.

The Internet could go down any day, so we may not be sending too much email in the future days.

As an empath, my body is now changing very quickly…as I know you are feeling this too in your bodies. I cannot wait to hug you all at graduation! The Brotherhood said all the events could be completed between Now and Sept. Based on the way I feel and what I am seeing on the planet today, it could be as soon as in the Month of July.

Let us Now Celebrate, as we are ONE with the Light of a NEW DAY and NEW EARTH!!

It has been an honor to serve you, such a blessing to have your love and support over the years. We will stay in contact by the web as long as we can….but our hearts and spirits are communicating constantly…sharing our joy and remembering….We are going Home.

4. Below are lyrics of 3 songs that help us remember our "Galactic" Home, the stars and our Journey …They will lift your spirits.

Stuart Wilde wrote these amazing lyrics and the recording artist,"Celia" so beautifully sings it: Violet 19 on CD

"Even though on Earth I go, my people come from a Galactic Home,
Looking up at each night sky,
I see my homeland drifting by…sometimes I cry

Come on children, let's go home, We are going Home

Carry my heart to the pain free zone, carry take me back to my Galactic Home
Nestle my soul in the Violet Ray.. embracing the Golden Light ..come what may.
We are going Home…We're Going Home."

Across the Universe on CD - Lyrics by Terry Oldfield and sung by a Children's Choir

"The moon is rising to fill the night, so pure so bright
In starry skies, I sail above the world
The dawn is breaking upon the Earth
Bright Star…New Birth…in the morning light… I sail across the world
A ship came sailing from far across the sky,
far across the universe…galaxies drift by
wish upon a star…falling from so high

So many times, I've passed this way before
and now I drift again to down towards the shore

The moon is rising to fill the night, so pure so bright
In starry skies, I sail above the STARS
A ship came sailing from far across the sky,
far across the universe…galaxies drift by
wish upon a star…falling from so high"

THERE’S A GREAT DAY COMING"’ - music & Lyrics by Victoria Liljenquist
1/9/99 copyrighted

and you feel it in the wind
the Mountains move
the waters rise
the World begins to Spin

Changes come
to help us grow and
Love is what it takes

To heal the past
To mend our minds
A new world we shall make

Our flight to higher ground
Our future now unfolds
the Sacred Language
and the Sounds of a Great Day coming…
you can feel it in your soul
just love yourself, the child within
embrace now what you know

Peace will come
This time you know…the Future now ARRIVES
and Shines within our EYES"


Grand Cross Full Moon 26 June - Watch today

Spiritual Wirlwind Meditation - is wonderful

The Survivors, Take a Breath - Beautiful

6. Do you need some assistance? Answers? Healing?
Schedule a Telephone Session with Victoria for healing, guidance, clarity

Email request to
Sessions are reasonable (sliding scale) I request that session is prepaid money order, check or paypal accepted.

As I have been working through this quiet time, the blessing of even greater clarity and accuracy received from the guides and information flowing through has moved my gifts to another octave. The healing light from my body has also magnified… so if any of you need a telephone session for any needs - physically, mentally, spiritually - please feel free to contact me. If you wish to brainstorm with me, or receive a 2nd confirmation for what decisions you are trying to make, or need some subconscious clearing or healing, hypnosis for change, intuitive reading, I am here to assist you with great love and service. Remember my prayers are always gifted offered to those in need.

Blessings, Love, and Joy to All,

Victoria Liljenquist
P. O. Box 3836
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

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Thank you for your support and donations.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beloved Family of Light,
Greetings from Victoria Liljenquist
Contactee, Ambassador of Light,
Intuitive, Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist

May 2, 2010 Message from Victoria Liljenquist
"Symptoms of Moving into the New Universal Reality"
Encounters, Earth Changes, Messages from the Light Ships

Healings * Readings * Therapy
Special offer for Phone Sessions

It has been a long time since I have written (since Oct.) as I have lost 2 family members and have been in a quiet and reflective place as we moved into January of 2010 (which seems more like 2011).

Grief is a delicate process and it takes so much energy, as well as the energy to assist in transmuting our planetary changes. We are all concentrating our energy and prayers for our planet and for all of our family throughout the Earth who are feeling the most intensity due to the drastic Earth Changes which came in with a vengeance in January.

Please forgive my absence, but I just have not been able to spend much time at the computer due to the electromatic irritation I get from the computer. I have been trying to navigate with the earth changes manifesting on a physical level in my own earth suit (as many of you can relate to this). It was necessary to postpone the lecture tour for now as traveling is very difficult for me physically right now.

My apologies for being out of touch for so long.

However, each of you are in my thoughts and prayers. I have been sending my messages through the ethers, hoping you can feel my telepathic love and support to you all. I have not forgotten you and appreciate those of you inquiring as to why you have not heard from me… I am still here, receiving glorious Light Ship sightings with witnesses. Many messages are coming from the ships, as I continue filming from my home, and I remain dedicated to the mission of ushering Heaven on Earth as I have been shown in my visions.

The most beautiful outcome from retreating into this quiet time for me has revealed more visions, exact accuracy in transmissions and clarity to assist those seeking help, and the next octave of healing light which has engulfed my Being like the fire of the volcano during my healing process, thereby providing the next level of gifts to touch those in need with body, mind and spirit healing.


Many of us are receiving more information through our dreams which are to be taken to heart. I believe our subconscious dream state without any doubt communicates the process of our journey as it unfolds before us. Take notes and reflect on what you are dreaming.

The parallel Universe is now merging into our lives more every day: "bleeding in and out of our present 3D experience" I call it the DREAM, which we shall awaken from completely from VERY SOON.

I have been receiving many messages from my encounters with the Merkabah light ships which are transmitting loud and clear the following information:

It is actually 2011. We have seen a magnitude of events happen right "off the bat" as January began the earthquake patterns worldwide affecting the Ring of Fire.

By late OCTOBER and into November, our future reality will become our New Reality - a reality we have been longing to see unfold for so many years. Those on the path for the last 25-30 years are saying "Bring it on"!!!

Please be loving and patient with this delicate transition as it is not an easy test before we merge with the Parallel World (2nd Earth), which has been shown to me in my visions since 1997.

In 1998, in a vision I was shown that when Chile and Alaska had the Big Quakes and Volcanos erupting in those areas, then this IT IS TIME FOR THE MOST INTENSE
earth changes to occur taking us into the NEW REALITY (2nd Earth).

I believe with the activities thus far in 2010, we will be seeing more to come.
"Fear not, as we are like a crystal which is being tumbled to polish our true beingness into our higher dimensional light body.

Decisions are not easy to make right now because we are caught between realities. There are those on the earth who will never understand these energies, so do not wear yourself out trying to convince those who are determined to STAY ASLEEP.
They will have to awaken on their own accord. Reserve your energy and strength to NAVIGATE THROUGH THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE.

We all recognize now from the increase of massive earth quakes, the major flooding, tornados, bizarre weather patterns, volcanic eruptions, the FALL OF THE WORLD'S ECONOMIC STATE OF AFFAIRS, Corruptness of Corporate America smoke and mirrors,
the feeling of losing our FREEDOM,knowing that we ARE NOW IN THE FINAL CHAPTER OF THE SHIFT.

Personally, I have not allowed myself to be swept up in any fear and DO NOT
ALLOW the energy of these events to cloud MY CLEAR VISION of the New EARTH and UNIVERSAL REALITY. Each of us MUST choose how we will ride through these times.

Most of you can relate as this has been an extremely intense journey in the last 6 months. Each of us have had our own scenarios playing out, (challenges, tragedy, loss, or physical issues) which have been magnified by our planet's transformational process. All of us have been affected Physically, Emotionally, Financially,but also our spiritual growth is being spring-boarded to a higher understanding.
These are the symptoms I have found are happening to me and others:

Symptoms of this transformational process into the New Universal Reality


Phantom pains jumping from one part of your body to another within hours.
Joint pain for no reason
Lack of concentration
Misplacing things all the time
Forget what you're saying
Lack of motivation
Loss of appetite and then suddenly eating everything in site.
Neck pain where you feel like someone is grabbing your neck
Feeling "In Limbo"
Out of your body - disoriented
Projects just can't seem to be finished
You know what you want to pursue but yet feel like you are in Slow motion.
Need for hours and hours of sleep.
Lack of Energy to move forward.
Every time we are feeling these symptoms, it is a sign of this fluid energy of the New Dimension bleeding in and out of the one we are in now.
Soon this will be completed and we can start enjoying a new kind of life.

Over the years, the messages I have shared with you have been to encourage everyone to prepare their personal Light Body, Thought Forms, and POSITIVE Intent as our consciousness is the MAIN Vehicle by which to move through these ever changing moments.

Since January for those of you who are like myself (a tuning fork for planetary movements, i.e. earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, etc.) have been experiencing a tremendous increase in Vascular Pressure within the Head, Base of the Skull, the Neck, Pineal Gland, which correlates to the pressure building within Mother Earth. There is an expanding energy within our head, limbs, muscles, veins, and organs.
I believe our bodies are becoming more light and less of physical matter.


I had a pressure in my head almost non-stop since January and 2 days before the Haiti Quake, I thought my head would EXPLODE LITERALLY!

I also was shown a vision of the quake the night before the Haiti Quake happened.
What was shown to me: gray legos stacked and then CRUMBLING, and People flying everywhere. The next day, the very scenes were shown on the news of the Haiti Earthquake damage. The following weeks of aftershocks continued to shock my physical body through vascular headaches. I have experienced these things for so many years. I do not get alarmed that they are health related but I know it is sign of empathing the planet.

The same intense headache pressure was over the top for 3 days prior to the Chile Earthquake. In fact, I actually went to the earthquake map just 30 minutes after the 8.8. occurred, because I recognized the energy in my body indicating earthquake activity.

I have learned to embrace and love my body as it dances with the energy of our earth… and believe some of us agreed to carry a task to transmute the energies through our body. I share this with you all because many have called me expressing having similar pain. It is very helpful and comforting actually to know others are feeling these premonitions (which they may not realize they are a message, but when comparing notes with each other, they are relieved to know they are not alone).

If you are experiencing these things, you can trust that you are VERY connected to the planet, where your ELECTROMAGNETIC BODY AND VIBRATIONAL ENERGY FIELD has been amplified and we are transmuting energy as the tectonic plates are shifting.

We are seeing now on Larry King, the Scientist Steven Hawkins is attempting to influence the world to be afraid of Contact…that it would be a negative experience.
I believe he is connecting with the secret government to create fear about contact. (Many of you know of the FAKE holographic attack from aliens they are planning). I believe this is just a precursor to get people's fear stirred up. Do not believe it!!!

(live footage can be seen - go to link

The Merkabah ships have been consistently appearing outside my home.
This last October, my favorite Light Ship, a 10-pronged spoke-like vehicle
was extremely low and clearly demonstrating amazing phenomena.

You can actually see the "people dressed in white" moving within the vehicle.
This is very similar to the footage shown on my movie trailer of 2005.
I call this vehicle the "Chariot of Ezekiel". One night when the vibrational movement was UP and DOWN like a vibrator was shaking it (using a tripod to film, there should not have been this kind of movement, but it was so intense, it made me and any watching the footage, dizzy. There was another vehicle flying just adjacent to it simultaneously. They were playing off each other.

The message transmitted while I was filming:

"This Earth and those individuals who are vibrating now at a higher frequency will soon see the new dimensions arriving. Many will not realize things have changed because it will be like forgetting the world which we are leaving. The earth has begun a new kind of spin, accelerating the pole shift and land shifting in amazing ways. The remodeling is in full swing. The corrupt ones will begin their fall and will not recover, but the world we are birthing now will move beyond the minds of Men
who are of greed and deception. The plan is unfolding rapidly."

"The time of turmoil will not be as long as we all may think, but the separation of
those who are awake and those you remain asleep shall be a QUICKENED PROCESS."

(After I filmed this encounter, I was so energized that I slept only 6 hours in 3 days. I shared it with my group here. They were truly amazed by the energy and by the images of people they witnessed moving inside the "Light Ship".
They felt in their own bodies vibrating by viewing the film footage.

CONTACT IS HAPPENING - EVERYWHERE World Wide. The truth is out there
and it will not be long now before many eyes shall see and behold the presence
of Positive, Benevolent Contact.

My message is this:

Make sure our thoughts are clear about what we desire in our new reality.
Let GO of the baggage and stop sweating the small petty stuff.
Do not buy into the mind control and fear that the media wants to feed us."

"Stay in the present moment, Focus,Trust, Walk your Talk.
Express your Love to those who care about. Let go of the EGO."

"Be prepared with extra Food/Water so you can not only take care of your family
but be prepared to help neighbors in need, as we will see some food shortages
and threatened contaminated water. Tune into whatever you feel guided to
do or prepare, as we move through the final stages of the transition
from this dream into the Higher Vibrational frequencies. Eat healthy and protect your earth suit from toxic food and environment."

We must not give into fear, but be empowered with clarity for our subconscious and cellular memory knows what is next!!

Do you need some assistance? Answers? Healing?
Schedule a Telephone Sessions with Victoria for healing, guidance, greater clarity.

Email request to

Working through this quiet time, the blessing of even greater clarity and accuracy
with the guides and information flowing through has moved to another octave.
The healing light from my body has also magnified… so if any of you need a telephone session for any needs - physically, mentally, spiritually - please feel
free to contact me.

Sessions are reasonable (sliding scale)
I request that session is prepaid - check, cash, paypal accepted
A modest fee can be agreed upon (to work with your finances)
prior to the appointment time. The important thing to remember is that
I offer these sessions because I care about people and know the clarity
is there to assist you. It is not about money for me.
We all are juggling these days. I know everyone is challenged with the economy.

If you wish to brainstorm with me, or receive a 2nd confirmation for what decisions you are trying to make, or need some subconscious clearing or healing, hypnosis for change, intuitive reading, I am here to assist you with great love and service. Remember my prayers are always gifted offered to those in need.

I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
Allow heaven on earth into your hearts and trust we are almost there.

Sending my wishes and blessings,

Victoria Liljenquist