Thursday, June 11, 2015


Message from spirit…through Victoria…

Having a near death in 1981 and meeting Jesus at that time and being shown the future Earth Changes events to unfold…and then again experiencing Jesus in a literal visitation in 2013 on April 27…when he re-confirmed that “It is time”…Humanities time,

I am guided now to share with you what I hear from him daily.
He has guided me and encourages us all to stay in the moment and feel the joy of that moment. Each day…to serve others and also to love ourselves! Allow our hearts and minds to listen within…. the answers and guidance we need, will be given unto us.

We are moving out of the dream and into Universal Reality!

Our soul is remembering the great plan when we were ONE together…
We were only light, in timelessness and space within the Universe and with our Great Creator.

Now at this dispensation of time, we stand at the doorway of the ending of our old life…leaving behind the 3rd dimension, the busyness of this life, and the pressures and expectations of a demanding world.

We walk now through the doorway of new beginnings…one that our cells and souls remember we would be graduating forward into…

There is no death, but only Re-birth with OUR NEW LIGHT BODIES.

Many are leaving physically but many of us will experience that rapture, the wave in a twinkling of an eye.

Reach inside and love your Divine Soul, the child within you, as you celebrate this journey.

Although you may feel you are alone in your challenges of your
health, relationships, and survival, you are not alone as we are all
experiencing a kind of a death dance without dying…and transforming and moving out the old.

We all feel at times we are NOT EVEN IN OUR BODIES…going through the motions, yet feeling rather BLANK!

Many of us have had a near-death experience (NDE) and have an inner strength from that journey into those realms, which supports a deeper sense of peace, that of rolling with what comes to us in this life experience.

Jesus is as real as you and me…he has laid his hands upon me on APRIL 27, 2013 as I looked out my window…seeing a night time vision the garden of Gethsemane…Jesus was standing behind me and as I looked to my left…there his eyes met mine and I exclaimed, Oh, Jesus is it time…he replied…yes, it is time…but not your time, but Humanity’s Time!

He reminded me of what he had shown me earlier in my NDE in 1981, of the earth changes to come and the crucial time for humanity.

These changes are upon us now. We have all had glimpses of them in the past, but the curtain now rises and there are no more dress rehearsals.

Whether a person believes in Jesus, or Buddha or Krishna…we all are
feeling the urgency of NOW. We must gather our oneness of community and unconditional love and non-judgment, as we ride the waves together of change and new beginnings. Letting go of our separateness from each other and from our Divine Soul.

Trust you will find your sure footing and celebrate our Graduation
As we move the New Earth…Heaven on Earth.

In humility and with gratitude,

Victoria Liljenquist


Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Greeting Beloved Family of Light,

It has been a tremendous journey the last few months filled many changes, adventures, and planetary shifts.
Therefore, I have been out of touch!

We all are feeling great changes flowing over us like a tidal wave....and moments of feeling
we are not even in this realm! Can you relate?

I will be writing more about these changes in the coming weeks and allowing spirit to
guide every word I share with you...

This is to alert to watch for the blog messages and also visit my main Website:
to watch my videos which you will love and want to share with others, my store which has amazing
film footage to add to your library and my healing CDs to help assist you as this navigation of our
journey unfolds.

I once again offer telephone consultations to those seeking $1.00/min.

My offer to do prayer work for you or loved ones is always available, and I am honored to serve you
in this capacity.

Extending my deepest love, blessings, prayers, and wishes as we all live in a moment to moment
place for feeling the joy of even the smallest event...serving where we are needed, and also
remembering to nurture ourselves each day with something to help us feel that support from the Universe.

Much Love to you all,

Victoria Liljenquist
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
email me at: or

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Beginnings for 2015 Creating a New Reality

Beloved Lightworkers, Happy New Year 2015

Wishing each of you an amazing year of manifestation, loving your continued transformation
of your light body, which is rapidly changing each day, and Inner Peace as you walk
forward as we create a New Reality in 2015.

2014 was a challenging year for most everyone I have spoken we made it through
and NOW for an exciting New Beginning.

Tools to assist us are:

1. Staying in the moment - dont get too carried away looking too far down the the road, as it is easy
to miss the miracle right in front of you!

2. Visualize the life and security YOU DESERVE...claim it.

3. Don't ask for the blessings....CLAIM is your BIRTHRIGHT.

4. Don't be afraid to say No to something which does not feel right for you...
Honor yourself and your needs. Continue to serve others but feel good about it!

5. Remember who you are..who we all are...Children of the Universe, the Architechs for a New Reality
we want to live in as Galactic Citizens.

I will share more of my messages from spirit as we move along into the coming months.

Big Changes are very Ready and Positive!

Wishing you each a beautiful experience each and every day, which lifts your heart and soul.
Be Strong ...I love you all.

* speaking engagement in Northern California has been cancelled due to conflict with my
other projects. Stay tuned in as I am planning some events in the next 6 months.

Much Love to you as we Usher a New Heaven in...our New Reality!

Victoria Liljenquist

P.S. If anyone is in need of telephone consultations please write to me at
Prayer Healings as well are available at no charge for you or a loved one.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014



Greetings Beloved Light Workers,

Message and Holiday Blessings

Thinking of you all and sending my love, support and prayers as we move forward into 2015.
Our dreams are lucid as we are passing through the doorway of new beginnings each day.
Perhaps you are feeling as I do, that we are watching ourselves from another place. We are
experiencing a different kind of feeling of floating, not really feeling attached to this dimension,
yet still interact within it when it is necessary. We have moments of weariness…then JOY!!
Hold onto the joy and know that we must stay in a "moment to moment" State of Being.

Contact has become such a common phenomena on You Tube throughout the World.
When my contact began as a child and then on Film…in 1994, people thought I was insane…
now it is a glorious continuous discovery …WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Our Light Bodies…oh yes! This is really a wild ride as we are mutating constantly.
Are you feeling strange, lightning bolts pains bouncing from one place to another within your torso, limbs and even within your Heart Chakra! Worry not beloved ones, as this is part of our light body transformation.

Update from my World

I have been out of touch for a while as life has been full of interesting twists and turns.
Divine Destiny prevails and thus, I am now back in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, living and holding
the intentions for the GREAT PLAN of Humanity to unfold.

The visions continue to manifest, bringing new light and inner peace.

Within our minds and personal picture of our reality…we are living the wisdom of the 2nd Earth.
This 2nd Earth is residing now. We continue to enhance our life experiences, learn new skills of
Instantaneous manifestation and surrender to this amazing activation of our Light Bodies.

There are many Saga's of personal challenges ….but we, the Light Workers made a promise to anchor the Light on to our earth, lifting the souls of Humanity to the higher vibration.

Some days we may not feel we are doing enough, but remember we are so busy on many ethereal levels.
We must stay focused as we shall see Gaia's Re-Birth!

Our efforts are not in vain but a sacred vow to our Divine Soul's Promise.

My wish for ALL of US is that we shall feel lifted up and remember WHO WE ARE…
Continue to be reminded that the honor we each have to serve at this time
on behalf of the planet is of Divine Destiny.

Stay Strong…one morning we will awake and not remember
the World we left behind but shall see before a Glorious New Day
of our New Evolutionary Station.

Need some Guidance, Prayers, Brainstorming Friend...I am here to assist you with
life changes, ideas and inspiration. Write to me at

Enjoy my re-modeled Website and see the latest Video Link of my encounter, lectures,
and New DVD

Wishing you a blessed holiday season and glorious 2015!
With the joys of Heaven,

Victoria Liljenquist

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hold on to Your HIGHER SELF as we stay in the Moment of Transformation

Greetings Beloved Light Workers,

Trusting that each of you are doing your best in navigating through these exciting and also challenging times.

It has been many month since I wrote on this my life has had many demands dealing with
personal family health issues and life changes. I am sure you can relate to the many tests
which are helping our growth and patience.

Presently, I am back in Pagosa Springs, Colorado with my beautiful Family of Light at least
for a few months. It is a blessing to return and I have been called upon to return to be here at this is a good thing. God and Universe and my higher self continue to inspire me to
be at the right place… at the right time.

My assistance to many has been an urgent need...saving a woman from dying after she
had a heart attack while in a bathtub which was filling up and over flowing. Fortunately, I
came to her apartment to bring her some lunch just in time…when I found her unconscious. She was rushed to
the Hospital and stayed for a few days. She is now home but in need of much assistance
as she has no family...I am now needed to step in to care give until we can get her into
Assisted living care. We learn so much as we serve others.

My healing practice is also very busy here in Pagosa, which is a blessing.

In each of your lives, as we view the changes on the planet of the earth, the consciousness,
and humanity's requires absolute focus to hold the light, stay in the moment
and not look too far ahead, as changes are constantly happening before we can make a move,
things change….can you relate?

Even when we feel we are not in control, truly our higher self (God Self) is. We must trust the process
that everything we endure has a reason, a lesson, a karmic completion and is part of
the transformation we agreed to embrace and experience ….and to BE ALIVE HERE, NOW IN THIS INCREDIBLE TIME.

Many people are leaving the planet, those whom we all love such as Robin Williams and others, who have touched the world
and have made us laugh...who have helped us keep our sense of humor. We are grateful for their presence here and send our love
for their journey through the veil.

I have personally lost several close friends, and one just yesterday before I could get to him to do a healing which was requested.
My friend Jim Clark passed of Cancer after a 10 month in Pagosa Springs.

We all have similar challenges…I refer to it as "same tests…different sagas". The same outcome catapults us
to hang in there...even when we feel weary or alone.
This has been a long journey. As we visualize our transformation, trust we are conquering every day
that which we experience, it is our consciousness that shall create our Rainbow of New Beginnings my beloved Family of Light!

Please remember that I send my love to all of you, to our planet, even if you do not hear from
me...I will never forsake my mission of service and devotion to the great unfolding plan as we usher Heaven to Reside with us on this Transformational Earth.

We have many Beloved Masters, Angelic Beings,
and Benevolence Star Family Beings assisting us on this journey.

Keep a log of your dreams as they are very helpful messages to guide you in your day-to-day journey.

We all pray our earth and the consciousness shall be IGNITED WITH ETERNAL LIGHT SOON...
Sending our prayers to all those who are deeply suffering, or losing their lives throughout the planet...
Let us hold them in our hearts sending comfort, resolution, peace, healing and support...and those who are
crossing over… may they find Eternal Life and Peace.

If you are in need of any assistance over the phone, prayers for loved ones or yourself...
please feel free to write to me at

Holding the Vision of Heaven...

With Love, Blessings and Hope

Victoria Liljenquist

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Beloved Family of Light, (Visions)

Greeting to you all....So much to share as we pass through the doorway of new beginnings.

Many of you are empathic to our earth, as you may know that I am.

For many years I have felt and discerned the occurrence of earthquakes coming via body signals such as headaches with major dizzy vertigo and nausea.

Since 1994, I have tuned in quite accurately with this gift (or some may say it is a curse, as it is not comfortable). Usually the quake will occur within 8-12 hrs after the symptoms begin...sometimes it will be simultaneously. Over the years, I have felt the upcoming quakes world wide in my body prior to their occurring. I can usually discern where and when they will occur.

(Many of my empathic friends have experienced this as well as I have)....The last 2 weeks I have had non-stop symptoms and have felt strongly that there was a really big Quake coming soon...and felt it was South American. The quakes occurred last week in California which was a precursor sign, but I knew something bigger was on it's way.

Many of you know that today, April 1, 2014, the 8.2 Quake hit off the coast of Chile...affecting possible tsunamis all the way up the South American Pacific Coast. I believe that there is much more coming dear friends.

Also, many of you heard about the Bison up in Yellowstone have been charging, running into the town...because they are feeling the earth energy. They began this behavior the night before the 4.8 Quake in Yellowstone this last Sunday morning.

I have had many visions over the years about the earth changes as well as the 2nd earth arriving...a merging with a higher vibrational world. Truly, the time is here and there is nothing to fear.

The key is to hold the intention for our Beloved Earth to allow this Emergence shedding the old and embracing the new rebirth. We must hold the energy of joy and service and goodness, love, charity and forgiveness.

If you are interested in my previous visions, you can visit my website: and go the link of Special Messages and Visions.

You can read about the many visions I have received. Perhaps it will assist in your own feelings and find peace.

My love and blessings to All. It is time to prepare as much more is going to unfold rapidly in the next 30 days.
Be not afraid but prepare with extra water stored and some staples.

Once these events unfold, there are great and glorious events to birth and we shall see the world we have longed for,come into fruition.

Peace, love and Faith,

Victoria Liljenquist

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Beloved Family of Light,

It has much too long since I posted and like many of you, I have been reflective on the last few months
allowing the unfolding of events to reveal our celebration.

We have been like the unborn child, floating in the fluid of the Womb, waiting for that moment
to make our sacred passage into a new life, a new world.

The 3rd Dimension is fading fast, and so is our memory of many experiences. Have you noticed that you
just can't remember a word, or a name? As the New Dimensions...I say plural, are bleeding into our
every day life...WE ARE EXPEREINCING so many memories from our other simultaneous lives.
We have been engaging in these other dimensions ALL ALONG...but now the VEIL IS BEING LIFTED.

Our World is still sloughing off the decay of old patterns, but slowly, we are cleaning house for the Mind of Humanity to WAKE UP...into the Heaven on Earth promised.

Yes, the monetary system is very distracting as is all of the political and structured paradigm....and
it won't be long before we shall thrive in a the World we have longed for.

We must stay in the MOMENT and Trust that THE DIVINE OUTCOME IS A BREATH AWAY.

When I experienced my visitation from Jesus last April, it was such a sacred and profound joy.
As the many challenges for our planet have come to pass, the volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and most
recently the Typhoon in the Philippines, the word that Jesus spoke rang true. "IT IS TIME".

Over the years, I have been told from my visions about November 22. This date has an important meaning
to me, and to others I have visited with.


I have found it is better to not know everything...but to trust that the Divine Plan IS IN CHARGE.
Like the child who wants to know what they may get for Christmas....
We want to know...but... "Be still my children and know you are loved, and the Veil is being lifted
to reveal the great and glorious events to be initiated." is the message I am receiving from spirit.

Little bits and pieces of our DUAL REALITY are we pay attention.

The scientists are finally stepping up to the plate with their statements of 8.8 Billion Earth-Size Planets
which could support life...not too cold and not too hot.

We knew all the time...and they have too, but now these facts are one more indication we are moving

WILL HAVE THEIR OWN PROCESS which is not for any of us to judge.

Be in Joy...the Veil is Lifting and it won't be long...

We (myself with the assistance of my Heavenly Team of Jesus, St. Germaine, Mary, the Angels and Guides) are
always here for anyone needing telephone sessions, or in person at my office in Salt Lake City, Utah.
If someone in your life needs prayers, special blessings for whatever their issues are,
please write to me at:

Thank you for being my Family of Light all of these years!

Sending each of everyone of you, my love, blessings, wishes, support and prayers.

With Universal Love,

Victoria Liljenquist

Below: I have re-posted my visitation message from Jesus received on April 27, 2013.

I want to share with you, MY VISITATION FROM JESUS.

It was early in the morning, April 27, 2013 at 3:22 a.m.
I had jumped out of bed to turn down the heater, and suddenly I was looking out the window
and saw in the dark, a GARDEN, (like the Garden of Gethsemane)

Then from behind me I felt 2 strong, loving hands holding both of my arms, just below my shoulders in a comforting way.

I knew they were a Man's Hands. Then I looked to my left, and there JESUS stood very close to me in a white robe.

His eyes shined with a great loving light, and he looked so beautiful!
(I can still feel the energy of his hands on my arms, even now).
As I looked directly into his eyes, and I asked him: "Is it time?" JESUS replied, "YES, IT IS TIME".

In the morning when I was fully awake, I tuned in and asked for more clarity
about my visitation….asking:
"DOES THIS TIME apply to those of us who are READY to move forward into the New Reality, who wish to move ON TO the 2nd Earth, INTO Heaven on Earth and the Parallel Reality?

The answer I received was: "YES."

A clear message came thru saying:

"The events of the cleansing and transformation of this planet are going to be accelerated to the greatest magnitude NOW. Time is speeding up.

Our bodies are feeling a powerful impact of physical symptoms, which can be very challenging and even painful at times.

Please do not fear, BUT ride the wave, hang in there…as the roller coaster of change is now UPON US and remember that awaiting us, beyond the wild ride, will be a beautiful outcome,

We are so very Loved by our Creator, by Sananda Jesus, by the Masters, by our Angels and guides, and Loved by the Brotherhood of Light.

Spirit is prompting me that something really huge, substantial, profound and life changing is coming and soon.
I hope and truly feel that by October this year 2013, these events may come to pass, that of the
Great Celebration of Completion of Our Divine Plan.

THIS GREAT CELEBRATION WAS SHOWN TO ME OCTOBER 5th, and 16th back in 2011 in my vision when Jesus and Mary appeared to a group of us.

(below are the 2 visions explained, which are also posted on my website along with others I have received. To read more of my most profound visions visit my link:
TWO VISIONS Received by Victoria Liljenquist in October 2011

Vision Received October 5, 2011

I experienced a very interesting dream/vision. In this experience I was getting ready to do an event somewhere, and had left something at home which I needed…thus I returned to my home to a
swimming pool, which I do not own, but I was detained in this swimming pool and fighting
off the distractions within the pool. Feeling stressed that I would be missing the performance,
I suddenly looked at my cell phone which then transformed into a large screen. I was shown the following:


As I awakened this morning it was 9 a. m., I felt a great peace and knowing that this vision was given to me
to share with you all.

TRULY WE ARE A BLINK OF AN EYE AWAY…we will not need to be swimming in the Old reality much longer, our tasks are completed, now we must PREPARE TO FEEL THE REAL JOY THAT AWAITS US. The crazier this dimension gets, the closer we are to our separation from it.

BECAUSE OF THE COLORS SHOWN WITHIN THIS VISION, I feel it represented autumn, this month of October!!

2nd Vision Received October 13, 2011

It was early in the morning, when I experienced seeing a small group of people who had come together for an inspirational gathering, but before we could begin our activities, more and more people were showing so we had to keep setting up more chairs. The group began small and then BECAME A VERY LARGE GROUP.

I then saw Sananda Jesus and Mother Mary standing with us. There were no words but my thoughts were that WE ARE ALL COMING TOGETHER NOW.

It felt as if our GROUP WAS NOT IN THIS DIMENSION BUT perhaps in the New Reality Earth or in a midway point BEFORE moving onto the New Earth. THIS MAY HAVE BEEN A PRAYERFUL ORIENTATION TO PREPARE and receive instructions FOR OUR JOURNEY HOME. Then I awakened at 7 a.m.

My sense from this vision is that there is a part of our consciousness, within each of us, that is congregating in these midway stations where we are getting ready for the final EXODUS to our New HOME.
THIS VISION FELT SO WONDERFUL TO ME! Perhaps the sign of more and more people coming to the door and wanting to come in and join us is a SIGN THAT MANY ARE GOING TO WAKE UP AT THE FINAL MOMENT OF OUR GRADUATION, our LEAP and TRANSMUTATION TO THE OUR HEAVEN on THE NEW EARTH.

As I have visited with many folks the last week, everyone is feeling the winding down on their projects and just wanting to soak up the beauty we see on this Earth which will be re-created soon to A MUCH GREATER BEAUTY. THIS IS A PROMISE I HAVE RECEIVED FROM THE ANGELS, JESUS AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT.
All of the things we love about this dimension will follow us to the New EARTH. The dolphins, sea life, animals, flowers, tastes, smells will remain with us, and will be MAGNIFIED IN GLORIOUS BEAUTY BEYOND OUR IMAGINATION.

My encouragement and support to all of us, is to just stay in the moment. Today is the date they said Comet Elenin would come even closer to Earth. I HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING PROFOUND ON THE NEWS as of yet today.
There are many dates given to us, but keep in mind that a date means nothing when we are moving out of TIME AND INTO A NEW INFINATE REALITY. NO ONE KNOWS THE TIME OR DAY…We all have a knowing within us which should be our guide as we move through the coming days or months.

Many are feeling a little lost right now, as they don’t feel they have a purpose with this winding down mode before our leap Home. Keep in mind that all the projects, dreams, wishes, and desires you have now, will remain with you and shall manifest beautifully soon. To the many healers, your work will continue to help the souls who are in the process of waking up. I believe that some people will need extra instruction and help to understand this transition.

I am looking forward to a world of instant manifestation, total freedom, abundance, unlimited food for all. There will be no hunger where we are going, NO LACK OF ANYTHING.

I feel we will sleep and then awaken into the NEW DAY DAWNING OF OUR HEAVEN ON THE NEW EARTH.
More intensified just since April 2013, We are moving out of the physical matter into light. Our bodies are blowing up with light, we are feeling heavier ALL of a SUDDEN…and the transmutation, DNA is changing within us.

My message to all is to really STAY IN THE MOMENT OF FOCUS, OF LOVE, OF PREPAREDNESS, AND TRUST….for we are on the threshold of THE ETERNAL DOORWAY.

Inspired to share the lyrics to a favorite song "LOVE SONG"
(recorded by Elton John in 1970, composed by Leslie Duncan)

(lyrics by Leslie Duncan - Recorded by Elton John 1970 and Neil Diamond in 2010)

The words I have to say, may well be simple
but they're true,
Until you give your love
there's nothing more that we can do

Love is the opening door…
Love is what we came for…
No one could offer you more…
Do you know what I mean?
Have your eyes really seen?

You say it's very hard,
to leave behind the life we knew… (the 3rd dimension!!)
but there's no other way…
and now it's really up to you…

Love is the key we must turn…
Truth is the flame we must burn…
Freedom's the lesson we learn… (Claim your Divine Power and Destiny)
Do you know what I mean?
Have your eyes really seen?

Love is the Key we must turn…
Truth is the flame we must burn…
Freedom's the lesson we learn…
do you know what I mean?
Have your eyes really seen? ( We the Children of the Light Know and shall SEE)

Love and blessings to all, as WE USHER IN HEAVEN ON EARTH!!

Victoria Liljenquist