Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Greeting Beloved Family of Light,

It has been a tremendous journey the last few months filled many changes, adventures, and planetary shifts.
Therefore, I have been out of touch!

We all are feeling great changes flowing over us like a tidal wave....and moments of feeling
we are not even in this realm! Can you relate?

I will be writing more about these changes in the coming weeks and allowing spirit to
guide every word I share with you...

This is to alert to watch for the blog messages and also visit my main Website: Victoriaslight.com
to watch my videos which you will love and want to share with others, my store which has amazing
film footage to add to your library and my healing CDs to help assist you as this navigation of our
journey unfolds.

I once again offer telephone consultations to those seeking assistance...at $1.00/min.

My offer to do prayer work for you or loved ones is always available, and I am honored to serve you
in this capacity.

Extending my deepest love, blessings, prayers, and wishes as we all live in a moment to moment
place for feeling the joy of even the smallest event...serving where we are needed, and also
remembering to nurture ourselves each day with something to help us feel that support from the Universe.

Much Love to you all,

Victoria Liljenquist
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
email me at: victoria@victoriaslight.com or victorialiljenquist@gmail.com