Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Beloved Family of Light,


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Greeting to you all....So much to share as we pass through the doorway of new beginnings.

Many of you are empathic to our earth, as you may know that I am.

For many years I have felt and discerned the occurrence of earthquakes coming via body signals such as headaches with major dizzy vertigo and nausea.

Since 1994, I have tuned in quite accurately with this gift (or some may say it is a curse, as it is not comfortable). Usually the quake will occur within 8-12 hrs after the symptoms begin...sometimes it will be simultaneously. Over the years, I have felt the upcoming quakes world wide in my body prior to their occurring. I can usually discern where and when they will occur.

(Many of my empathic friends have experienced this as well as I have)....The last 2 weeks I have had non-stop symptoms and have felt strongly that there was a really big Quake coming soon...and felt it was South American. The quakes occurred last week in California which was a precursor sign, but I knew something bigger was on it's way.

Many of you know that today, April 1, 2014, the 8.2 Quake hit off the coast of Chile...affecting possible tsunamis all the way up the South American Pacific Coast. I believe that there is much more coming dear friends.

Also, many of you heard about the Bison up in Yellowstone have been charging, running into the town...because they are feeling the earth energy. They began this behavior the night before the 4.8 Quake in Yellowstone this last Sunday morning.

I have had many visions over the years about the earth changes as well as the 2nd earth arriving...a merging with a higher vibrational world. Truly, the time is here and there is nothing to fear.

The key is to hold the intention for our Beloved Earth to allow this Emergence shedding the old and embracing the new rebirth. We must hold the energy of joy and service and goodness, love, charity and forgiveness.

If you are interested in my previous visions, you can visit my website:
www.victoriaslight.com and go the link of Special Messages and Visions.

You can read about the many visions I have received. Perhaps it will assist in your own feelings and find peace.

My love and blessings to All. It is time to prepare as much more is going to unfold rapidly in the next 30 days.
Be not afraid but prepare with extra water stored and some staples.

Once these events unfold, there are great and glorious events to birth and we shall see the world we have longed for,come into fruition.

Peace, love and Faith,

Victoria Liljenquist

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