Thursday, June 11, 2015


Message from spirit…through Victoria…

Having a near death in 1981 and meeting Jesus at that time and being shown the future Earth Changes events to unfold…and then again experiencing Jesus in a literal visitation in 2013 on April 27…when he re-confirmed that “It is time”…Humanities time,

I am guided now to share with you what I hear from him daily.
He has guided me and encourages us all to stay in the moment and feel the joy of that moment. Each day…to serve others and also to love ourselves! Allow our hearts and minds to listen within…. the answers and guidance we need, will be given unto us.

We are moving out of the dream and into Universal Reality!

Our soul is remembering the great plan when we were ONE together…
We were only light, in timelessness and space within the Universe and with our Great Creator.

Now at this dispensation of time, we stand at the doorway of the ending of our old life…leaving behind the 3rd dimension, the busyness of this life, and the pressures and expectations of a demanding world.

We walk now through the doorway of new beginnings…one that our cells and souls remember we would be graduating forward into…

There is no death, but only Re-birth with OUR NEW LIGHT BODIES.

Many are leaving physically but many of us will experience that rapture, the wave in a twinkling of an eye.

Reach inside and love your Divine Soul, the child within you, as you celebrate this journey.

Although you may feel you are alone in your challenges of your
health, relationships, and survival, you are not alone as we are all
experiencing a kind of a death dance without dying…and transforming and moving out the old.

We all feel at times we are NOT EVEN IN OUR BODIES…going through the motions, yet feeling rather BLANK!

Many of us have had a near-death experience (NDE) and have an inner strength from that journey into those realms, which supports a deeper sense of peace, that of rolling with what comes to us in this life experience.

Jesus is as real as you and me…he has laid his hands upon me on APRIL 27, 2013 as I looked out my window…seeing a night time vision the garden of Gethsemane…Jesus was standing behind me and as I looked to my left…there his eyes met mine and I exclaimed, Oh, Jesus is it time…he replied…yes, it is time…but not your time, but Humanity’s Time!

He reminded me of what he had shown me earlier in my NDE in 1981, of the earth changes to come and the crucial time for humanity.

These changes are upon us now. We have all had glimpses of them in the past, but the curtain now rises and there are no more dress rehearsals.

Whether a person believes in Jesus, or Buddha or Krishna…we all are
feeling the urgency of NOW. We must gather our oneness of community and unconditional love and non-judgment, as we ride the waves together of change and new beginnings. Letting go of our separateness from each other and from our Divine Soul.

Trust you will find your sure footing and celebrate our Graduation
As we move the New Earth…Heaven on Earth.

In humility and with gratitude,

Victoria Liljenquist


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